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    Applying for TN visa after urgent processing for grant of Canadian citizenship

    Ugh. I guess "revoke" is not the right word as you never had the citizenship in the first place, if you misrepresented in the application.
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    Applying for TN visa after urgent processing for grant of Canadian citizenship

    This. Just apply honestly and leave afterwards ;)
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    Leaving Canada after applying

    Of course it's OK. It's the truth and better than any other story you can make up. And the law has been changed so they are not allowed to take this factor into consideration.
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    Citizenship through ancestor.

    Was she your parent? Grandparents and great grandparents can't pass their Canadian citizenship to you.
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    ATIP After Application Completion

    I don't see any difference between before and after oath, in applying for GCMS notes. Do whatever you did to get the notes before your oath. But like the other poster said, there isn't much interesting info in there..
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    ATIP After Application Completion

    It takes 30 days usually.
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    Incident at Montreal's Passport Office

    Even the aboriginal people migrated here tens of thousands of years ago. We all belong to Africa ;)
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    17+ Months Applicants

    Of course IRCC is not fair. There's too much spread in the processing time. But that tragic incident wasn't their fault..
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    17+ Months Applicants

    I understand your frustration with IRCC but that's a little unfair. Besides a freak accident (or Boeing's failure, which is to be determined), it's the victim's home country's fault that he/she had to go back and obtain a police report. IRCC cannot open an exception for any specific country just...
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    Do I need a US Visa for a non-paid tech conference as a Canadian Citizen?

    Yeah I don't think you need a visa. I went to the states for conferences and used a visitor visa, so pretty sure that counts as visiting. Canadian passport is good for that.
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    Jobs for Canadian Citizens only

    LOL can't wait to thin down the competition, huh? :D
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    Finger prints lost in Canada post mail

    Your son is a minor? And they requested his fingerprints?
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    Urgent Processing - Does this make sense

    What? I don't think I ever heard cases like that on this forum?
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    Physical Presence Days: continuous requirement?

    PR residence requirement is also very clear:
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    How long of a notice will CIC give for Oath Ceremony?

    One week is fine. If you don't get a notice before the day you leave, you oath won't happen before you come back.
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    How long of a notice will CIC give for Oath Ceremony?

    If you're asking how long is it gonna be between the invitation and the ceremony, it's actually just two weeks for me and many other people. So it's somewhat short notice. That's why you need to notify them for any trips longer than 2 weeks.
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    urgent grant of citizenship request

    It is a pretty weak argument unless you work for the government.
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    Citizenship through descent?

    Besides, why can't she sponsor her kids PR first, then obtain citizenship? She's a citizen herself, right?
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    Record of Landing (CoPr) after securing Citizenship

    No problem. So it doesn't take long. Maybe I should stop being lazy and get one for my wife whose CoPR has an error. Gotta do it sooner or later.. And it's interesting to note they might just send you an electronic copy to replace the original CoPR..
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    Fingerprint request after 17 months...

    I think it's because your case lasted so long they might want to do another round of criminal activity check... Sucks as it's like being stop by another red light after being stopped by one.