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  1. Haert

    HSW 2020 applicants

    Looks like we are going to create a new thread for our Stage 2 application for PR. Again, Congrats!!!!
  2. Haert

    HSW 2020 applicants

    Roye! Finally!! It's been a while since I visited this forum group discussion. I am so happy to hear this good news from you!! Congrats!!
  3. Haert

    HSW 2020 applicants

    It's almost December l hope they will not let this roll over to 2024.
  4. Haert

    HSW 2020 applicants

    Geez! I thought if applicants will received a 3rd ADR. You'll get an approval soon after.
  5. Haert

    HSW 2020 applicants

    I already have a booked flight by end of this month. How's your application going?
  6. Haert

    Caregiver Pilot Program- AOR - Jan 2021- Please Share Timeline

    There are still several others from 2020.
  7. Haert

    Hccp sep 2020

    I read elsewhere that they need to have their own GCkey as soon as you obtain their application number. I just did not pay much attention on the details during that time, because my file is still pending for seems like forever for approval.
  8. Haert

    Hccp sep 2020

    Criminality caters the coverage of review for PCC or NBI for PH equivalent from what I remeber on the CBSA check point. The status being on process again because you recently submitted the PCC.
  9. Haert

    Hccp sep 2020

    Hi Roye, case officers will re-run the background check if your husband/spouse happens to have some questionable information when you send a copy of their NBI. I believe this was one of your ADR(s) What were the remarks on his NBI? Was it no derogatory found or no record on file? Also, for your...
  10. Haert

    Please! Is there anybody on HCCP who was asked Temporary residence application as additional documents?

    Hi Roye, Now that you have their UCI and application number, I was wondering If we can link it to our existing GCKEY? or do we need to create a new GCKEY for each dependent(s)?
  11. Haert

    Hccp sep 2020

    Yes, of course you can. This link will guide you through the requirements. Hope this helps. https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/visit-canada/about-visitor-visa.html
  12. Haert

    Hccp sep 2020

    Apologies for the long post ahead... September 24, 2020 - Submitted application March 25, 2021 - Temporary AOR received March 07, 2021 - Biometrics January 05, 2023 - 1st ADR. NBI, Medical requests, and other forms are to be filled out and resubmitted. January 26, 2023 - Medical Passed March...
  13. Haert

    Home Childcare Provider Pilot 2019

    These are the only requirements when you apply for PR. 1. Schedule form 19B 2. All paystubs 3. Refrence letter (experience letter) 4. T4 5. NOA
  14. Haert

    Home Childcare Pilot Program- April 2021 Applicants post your timeline here

    When did you received your EL and pre arrival letter?
  15. Haert

    School registration

    That is not how the program works. You cannot apply as your kids caregiver. What you can do is 1) Apply them for student permit so they can get a student visa OR 2) Look for an employer for yourself who will directly hire you as a caregiver.
  16. Haert

    Procedural Fairness Letter- JO is not Genuine

    Also, take note ... If your nephew has a clinical/medical diagnosis which requires thorough assistance by a caregiver or if he is classified as with disability. It will fall under HSW and not HCCP. Don't make your papers more complicated. Just look for another employer, if you still can.