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    Do I need transit visa for Heathrow for landing?

    HI I have non EU passport and need visa to enter Britain . I am heading to Toronto for PR landing and my immigrant visa ends on March 15th. I want to enter Toronto and after staying there head back to Dubai after a week. Just wondering I wont get my PR right away so if I leave via Heathrow after...
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    Abu Dhabi VAC - PR visa / COPR processing time?

    Guys I need advice. For faster process do I use VFS Dubai or send directly to AbuDhabi? I HAVE to fly by 22 Dec I received confirmation on 21 Oct but I needed to renew my passport that took time. Do I submit my passport for visa stamping or ask for extension?
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    >>>>>>>March 2019 AoR<<<<<< Join here

    Hi now I got my passport renewed, I received confirmation of PR . What documents do I need? I went through the instructions just I am confused. Does Vfs Dubai accept application?
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    >>>>>>>March 2019 AoR<<<<<< Join here

    Sent the form more than 8 days back, still no answer if it is ok for extention
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    >>>>>>>March 2019 AoR<<<<<< Join here

    Thanks. I already gave my passport for renewal when the PPRF request came. I can keep old passport but do I have to reupdate the file with new passport details?
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    >>>>>>>March 2019 AoR<<<<<< Join here

    Hi I got my confirmation fo PR visa yesterday. The problem is my passport expires in 6 months, they need minimum 12 months validity and I need to submit passport in 30 days time. I emailed Abu Dhabi VAC they mentioned auto reply they MAY get back to me after 15 days! I will get my renewed...
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    >>>>>>>March 2019 AoR<<<<<< Join here

    I was previously a PR had to revoke and reapply. March 17 19 - AOR May 1, 2019 - Medicals May 6, 2019 - Biometrics July 24, 2019 - Request to pay for PR Waiting no update at all.
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    PR Revokation Notification

    Two weeks ago I had send my PR to be revoked. Is there any email or snail mail they send after revoking PR? Does anybody have experience in this? Regards
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    What job should I mention?

    Any update would be appreciated. Thanks
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    What job should I mention?

    Anybody can help answer the question please?
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    Express Entry Step by step instructions.

    Hi I hope you can answer few questions. I worked as owner of an engineering firm. Would it be right to put mechanical engineer as profession? What proofs do they ask other than letter of employment? My visa says PARTNER will it contradict my employment letter? I am in dilemma as If I say I am...
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    What job should I mention?

    I am planning to apply to immigrate to Canada through express Entry. This is two part question :- i, I own and run a mechanical engineering firm. What would be NOC ? What profession should I write? Mechanical engineer or Managing Director? ii, What proofs do they ask to show work experience...
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    Appeal Rejection/cancellation

    Any help pr advice would be highly appreciated
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    Appeal Rejection/cancellation

    I have been in limbo for quite sometime but want to move forward. Here is my story I want to apply for PRTD and wait for appeal for case. If my hearing is more than a year away, I am planning to...
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    Apply for PTRD dillema

    Hi Guys, It has been long time I posted on the forum. I have completed 597 days of staying in 5 years and do not meet my RO. I left Canada end of Dec 2012 and My PR expired on Jun 2016. I had valid H&C reason to stay out of Canada and am still ready for sometime to apply for PTRD. I heard it...
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    Guys can you help me answer one question. How long is it taking you to get csq and then PR? I am PR but without RO obligatiin and I am thinking to reapply for CSQ. I WAS wondering can a person that already has Pr apply for csq again?
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    Just wanted to know can we apply for csq if we have PR?
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    PRTD Refusal Appeal Time Abu Dhabi

    HI I am wondering what is the appeal hearing timelien for those applications that got their PRTD rejected in Abu Dhabi office? Can anybody who got their appealing please provide their timeline?
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    Lawyer for H&C reason

    So what do I do to get successful PRTD? Is it possible that I will get PRTD but get rejected for PR card renewal?
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    Express Entry rejected within a day even with HIGH points

    I have Canadian engineering degree with 2 years working experience in Canada and am manager of an engineering company outside Canada. I am already a PR which expires on June 2016 but the problem is I left Canada due to pressing personal issues. I am short fo four months on Residency...