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    Exporting a Vehicle from the U.S. and Importing into Canada: Complete Step-by-Step Guide

    Does anyone have experience using Movers to move the car from US into Canada ? I need to Ship it to NovaScotia .. and am worried what all the stuffs i need to take care and what all will the movers take care .. If anyone have any experience let me know. TIA
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    Sending passport from USA to Canada

    Guys, when sending to PO box address via FedEx from US. What is the phone number you guys provided for CPCO? FedEx is not accepting envelopes to PO Box in Canada which doesn't have phone number in it
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    Correct address for sending Passport from US

    So where should we send the passport ? PO address is fine when sent through Fedex ? Its like nail biting moment :(
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    Passports to CPC Ottawa - April 2018

    Me too , Did you find solution for this?
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    Passports to CPC Ottawa - April 2018

    did you get any updates on this ?