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    Traveling outside Canada as a student

    Hello, Are there any restrictions regarding the duration I can stay outside Canada as a student? I'm a research-based graduate student, and my work would not be affected by my travel (also my supervisor has authorized this, and I will maintain my full-time status in the university). My plan is...
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    Deadline for uploading documents to Arrima?

    Hi, I’m renewing my CAQ and I submitted the form and got my File number, with which I can upload my files to arrima. I realized i need some time to obtain some of the required documents. Is there a deadline for documents upload to arrima, after which it could timeout? Thanks
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    How long can you stay outside Canada while on Study Permit?

    Yes. How does it affect my post graduate work permit?
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    If you arrive too early, you may be refused entry by the BSO

    Hello, I am a Ph.D. student, started in Fall 2020 and finished 2 semesters from distance. I'm traveling to Canada in a couple of weeks, and I came across the following statement on the government's website: "If you arrive too early, you may be refused entry by the BSO". This is generally aimed...
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    Study permit is not a visa?

    Alright thanks! Just wanted to clarify this point.
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    Study permit is not a visa?

    December 2024
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    Study permit is not a visa?

    Hello everyone, I got my study permit in December and Im planning to travel soon. It caught my attention the following statement on canada.ca : "Your study permit is not a visa. It doesn’t let you enter Canada. You may also need a visitor visa or an electronic travel authorization (eTA). If we...
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    Passport Request .. What to expect?

    hello, I have been requested to submit my passport, which indicates that my permit got approved. I just want to know what to expect? Will my passport be stamped? will I also get a "letter of introduction" or "eTA: electronic travel authorization"? thank you regards
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    Abudhabi visa office

    10 am 30th of nov
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    Abudhabi visa office

    Hopefully you’ll get it soon. Good luck!
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    Abudhabi visa office

    Non sds
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    Abudhabi visa office

    Applied 5th of Sept, Biometrics 7th of Sept, Rejection letter 8th of Sept. Re-applied 12th of Sept, got AIP 17th of Sept. Correspondence letter 1st of Dec. Passport Request Today. :D
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    Re-applying after getting rejected

    Correspondence letter received on Dec 1st. Passport request received today. Don't give up :D
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    POE Introduction Letter Expiry

    Hello, It came to my knowledge that once a study permit is approved, I will be given a letter of introduction that has some sort of an Expiry Date and I have to be in Canada before this data to get the Study Permit. Any idea how what is the duration from the day the issue the introduction...
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    PGWP Eligibility: Staying abroad after 30 of april

    Hello, I am an international student, started Fall 2020 online (outside Canada), a 4-year Ph.D. program, still waiting for my study permit but got AIP early September. As per the "international students" page on canada.ca, the following is stated: "You won’t have time deducted from the length...
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    Ah okay. My DLI is delivering the next semester fully remotely so there is no dire need for me to be there.
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    Go AIP on 17th of September and nothing since then.
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    Regarding the 6th point, does it imply that i cannot travel in the middle of the semester? I have AIP and i started this fall. If i get my study permit for example in December i am planning to travel in March (or later if possible) .. would that be a problem?
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    DLI'S having COVID-19 readiness plan with online learning option, those with AIP, gather here

    who said they allowed only until 30th of April? They only said whatever you do outside canada will count towards your PGWP until 30th of April, that’s it right? What would happen if you continue beyond the 30th of April?