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  1. amirsrima

    which is better idp or british council?

    I am not sure which countries have AEO (Australian). But definitely marking at AEO is much lenient at AEO as compared to BC.
  2. amirsrima

    Visitor Single Entry VISA Rejected - Twice

    Dear, Thanks for the detailed and useful input for the group. But I am afraid that I am unable to agree with your statement that visas are not rejected baseless", as they are. Lot of families and individuals are unable to visit their relatives and family in Canada due to similar comments...
  3. amirsrima

    questions about travel document for newly landed

    Hi, I am almost in the same boat as you are. So what are the options available? Didnt you get PR issued till date and posted to your given canadian address, while you initially landed? I believe, need to find some way to get PR here and then travel smoothly Take Care & Good Luck
  4. amirsrima

    Obligation to pay for basic necessities for three years

    Just stay relaxed and I don't recommend to pay unless asked to refund.. I don't think she would go for welfare at the moment, rather will focus on retention of PR, which would be itself challenging, if ur attitude being wrong and abusive can be proven
  5. amirsrima

    Expired pr card

    Hi Kam, To me it seems u have the only option, if you are able to enter without being asked, else I m afraid seems a black hole - I know one of my colleague who is struggling with appeals etc for last 6 years but nothing fruitful coming as he is outside canada
  6. amirsrima

    Exiting Canada..

    I think sending PR by courier / post is not legal and carry chance of loosing. Better is if someone may carry by hand while
  7. amirsrima

    Can international students apply for PR as a partnership of a small business?

    Hi. Yes you do, provided the business is registered as per the law. good luck
  8. amirsrima

    Elementary school for a minor children

    Hi, sorry but I feel during study permit / visa you will face the same issue during the procedure. so keep alternates open and keep trying for them. Otherwise YES your son may join school, as you being a single parent here and could be legal guardian and financer (even if not considered under...
  9. amirsrima

    London Visa Office

    TCS is the BEST OPTION
  10. amirsrima

    WHICH CITY TO LAND ? -for New Immigrants

    Hi, you can move any where once landed. anyhow, if you are nominee of qubec, you have to land there first. Good luck
  11. amirsrima

    London Visa Office

    Just wait and don't even panic if you come to know that later applicants are receiving. Remember, every application is unique and has its own timelines. I am confident you will be receiving soon. Good Luck :)
  12. amirsrima

    Form B4 (Goods to Follow/Accompanying List): How to ???

    Persons landing 1st time as PR need to fill in with category "settler", so do your spouse.
  13. amirsrima

    Form B4 (Goods to Follow/Accompanying List): How to ???

    Dear, Actually while landing as PR you have to satisfy IO that you intend to seetle permanently in Canad (between the lines :) )... So you fall under "settler" category", hence, do prepare B4 and submit it. i won't advise to land without it, in case you intend to bring in any household later...
  14. amirsrima

    FSW 2013 Applicants Timeline- Lets Network Here.

    Dear,,, 1. Yes, Principal applicant has to land first of all and dependents may follow later but within expiry dates. 2. Once the baby is born, need to have visas etc which takes some time. In case you plan to land earlier, you should send the information to CHC. In acse birth shall be after...
  15. amirsrima

    FSW 2013 Applicants Timeline- Lets Network Here.

    ECAS lines addition is not much related. Dont worry buddy
  16. amirsrima

    FSW 2013 Applicants Timeline- Lets Network Here.

    Best option is to get a letter from your Office stating the situation, They can state that both are same or what you feel suitable, but a verifiable letter would be required from your office. Good luck
  17. amirsrima

    FSW 2013 Applicants Timeline- Lets Network Here.

    Dear, They used to have Pakistan in the list and i myself also got my verifications free as well paid from WES. I also noticed it few days ago,,,, actually someone needs to contact WES through email and point out... believe me its worth while to contact and see if they include, which will...
  18. amirsrima

    FSW 2013 Applicants Timeline- Lets Network Here.

    Raise immediate query with ECAS and send emails clearly stating "URGENT". You need to get your visas extended and hopefully CHC will hold your case until baby is born and all formalities for baby are also fulfilled. There is no other option if you have decided to land after the baby is born...
  19. amirsrima

    FSW 2013 Applicants Timeline- Lets Network Here.

    I don't think they will ask for fresh IELTS alike Medical. But have you regularised your medicals in August 2015,,, means, is it agreed with CHC? Moreover, you must be aware that you have to process for the baby too, prior to your own able to land. Good luck