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  1. asinght

    BLS OTTAWA- Passport Renewal Timeline

    Thanks. Am not able to get in touch with BLS - the phone number is "not available" - any other contact information you can suggest?
  2. asinght

    BLS OTTAWA- Passport Renewal Timeline

    Hi @rshangle @sunil238 What documents did you guys submit to BLS Ottawa? Did you send original PR and COPR? And where in Ottawa did you get passport photos.
  3. asinght

    Citizenship application - Wait or Application

    Regarding FBI Identity Summary... I'm waiting for physical copy and wondering if it has some watermark or letterhead that is not there in the emailed version i.e. do I print the one I got in email and send it with my citizenship application OR wait for physical copy. Thanks in advance.
  4. asinght

    Time spent as PR for citizenship, 730 days or 1,095 days?

    In your case, once you move to Canada - you would stay for 3 years out of the next 5 and be eligible for citizenship. Also, you may be able to claim the days outside Canada towards PR status (but not for citizenship) as your citizen spouse is accompanying you. For citizenship you need either...
  5. asinght

    Landed but no PR card application submitted!!!

    Some friends of ours landed from USA at land border (Ontario), and were asked if they were moving to Canada or just landing. They mentioned they were doing just landing, so the border officer DID NOT submit their PR card application, and told them that when they plan to move to Canada, they...
  6. asinght

    ***Ontario Driving License***

    Ontario is the only province which asks for abstracts and letters for adding experience, etc. Other provinces take your foreign license and treat the information on the license as valid. e.g. drivers license from India, issued 10 years ago. In Ontario, you can trade it in IF you have a letter...
  7. asinght

    Background check- Not applicable.

    Reading through this thread, there does not seem to be a particular trend (time wise) from Background check to PPR. On a side note, someone I know got their PPR in 18 days from submitting the PR application online - simply unbelievable! FWIW, they applied from the US.
  8. asinght

    U-Haul to Canada

    Yes, you can rent a car. You can declare and bring items with you (I think you should've owned them for at least six months, but there might be inclusions). Miami to Toronto is quite far - it is possible that flights would work out cheaper and lesser hassle (maybe local flight to Buffalo/Albany...
  9. asinght

    Moving furniture across US- Canadian borders

    I moved with a truck full of household goods. Canadian officers did not inspect the truck - they do expect you to fully declare in the paperwork various goods (categories) and value of the goods. Also, if you can drop the truck off in the US instead of in Canada, it might save you some money...
  10. asinght

    ***Ontario Driving License***

    Bring your original valid US license, along with a copy of the drivers abstract from the issuing authority (DMV/RMV for your US state). Ontario has direct reciprocal with some states, but for others it asks for a copy of the drivers abstract (not more than 6 months old). Just walk into a Drive...
  11. asinght

    Moving from USA with belongings and furniture

    Calculate the cost of items against the shipping. 9 times out of 10, unless you are driving the items in a uhaul yourself, it will be cheaper/comparable to sell the stuff and buy new here in Canada. Otherwise, for shipping you can check with USPS for prices.
  12. asinght

    Export/Import Car From US!

    I've recently done this entire process, so it is pretty fresh in my mind, hopefully can help others. I'm assuming by paperwork you mean the AES part. Just make sure they border crossing gets your title copy by fax/email at least 72 hours before you arrive to export the car. Some crossings only...
  13. asinght

    Exporting/Importing Vehicle - US to Canada ONLY!

    Hi all, I'm planning to import my car to Canada from US this month. This thread is immensely helpful. I'm okay with the export part of the process - have got the AES (ITN) done, and will be sending it to the border office via email (they oddly said they just need a copy of the title 72 hrs...
  14. asinght

    Waiting for PR Card after landing - add your case here

    Did landing at Toronto airport last week. ecas has updated to completed. we gave Canadian address during lamding process itself. queries : 1. We did not provide any extra photos during landing, they only have photo which was stuck on COPR. will they just scan from copr letter and use that for...
  15. asinght

    LANDING IN CANADA ??? -All You Need To Know.

    Hi all, I've been inactive on the forums for a long time due to personal reasons, and I'd kept the Canada move on hold while I figured other things out. I did update the FSW2014 worksheet regularly, and you can see my timeline. So presently I am in the US on a work visa, and am planning to do...
  16. asinght

    FSW 2014 Applicants Timeline- Lets Network Here.

    Always better to send the old passport. You can just combine the passports using elastic.
  17. asinght

    FSW 2014 Applicants Timeline- Lets Network Here.

    I sent this message in response to a query regarding 2174 jobs in Canada. Figured it would benefit all (as most of the points are valid for non-2174 skills as well). A few points to note about the 2174 job market in Canada : 1. Most of the jobs are concentrated in the Toronto area, followed...
  18. asinght

    LANDING IN CANADA ??? -All You Need To Know.

    Excellent topic, and first post is extremely informative (never knew I can open Scotia Bank account while in India!) Query 1 : If principal applicant is landing alone first, then does PA need to show POF for entire family or just for self? Query 2 : Would Indian savings account or Indian bank...
  19. asinght

    FSW 2014 Applicants Timeline- Lets Network Here.

    Collected the passports from VFS (was delayed due to Holi-day on 6th :D ). Thank you everyone for your guidance, support and best wishes. I pray that everybody gets through the process successfully soon. ================================================================================= Now...