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  1. LN13

    Car title issues

    Okay, So here's my issue and hopefully someone can help. We have a lien on our car and have permission from the lienholder to export. That's not the problem. Everything I've seen says you have to have a certified copy of the title from the DMV. The DMV says that they don't hold the original...
  2. LN13

    Broker recommendations

    Ah, thank you. I did a search but didn't find anything useful.
  3. LN13

    Broker recommendations

    Does any one have any recommendations on broker's to use for importing our car? I thought I'd ask for rec's as a starting place instead of Google. :P
  4. LN13

    June 2015 - Outland applications

    There are more Calgarians (or wannabe Calgarians) then I expected in here. That's our final destination as well! No landing date yet for us. DH is supposed to be negotiating the easing out of his job with is employer (they know we're going, we're just trying to make things a smooth transition)...
  5. LN13

    June 2015 - Outland applications

    My ecas is the same as Rhinogirl88. Decision made for his application but still says that i'm in process for sponsorship. i wouldn't sweat it.
  6. LN13

    June 2015 - Outland applications

    We got our COPR in the mail two days ago! I'm not sure when we're moving. We have until June and are still nailing down plans.
  7. LN13

    Calgary, AB - Spousal Sponsorship

    We aren't in Calgary but we are headed that way. We just got my husband's COPR in the mail the other day and are just starting to discuss definitive move dates. We have until June so it's not a rush.
  8. LN13

    COPR doesn't list Canadian children

    Hey, I got my husband's COPR in the mail today (yeah!) and it doesn't list our two sons as dependents. This is correct, yes? Because they are Canadian already? I just wanted to check. Also, they list his eye colour as black instead of blue. Can I get it fixed at landing or does it matter?
  9. LN13


    I'm decently certain that there isn't a waiting period in Alberta.
  10. LN13

    US outland applicants' thread :)

    June applicant here, Decision made showed up this morning! ... So how long does it take for the Copr to arrive? The medical doesn't expire until May and we won't move until at least March but I was just wondering about timeline.
  11. LN13

    URGENT SPONSORHIP QUESTION: When do we have to submit the police certificate?

    We sent our application in without it but then sent in the FBI check as soon as we got it in the mail. We didn't wait for them to contact us. Depending on how long you have to wait for a check, I'd wait and send it in all together as there is a greater chance of docs getting misplaced if you...
  12. LN13

    June 2015 - Outland applications

    DECISION MADE THIS MORNING! MERRY CHRISTMAS! I may have hyperventilated a little.
  13. LN13

    question about upfront medical

    The general consensus seems to be that waiting to send in anything could potentially hold up your file since who knows what pile you'll end up in and when they'll get back to you. Unless you have serious concerns about there being a hold up on your file, I'd just do it in advance.
  14. LN13

    Non custodial parent will not sign consent form

    I travel quite frequently by air from the USA to Canada with my kids and I've been asked for letters every time. In fact, I had issues trying to get back to the USA with my kids even though our residency was there because I didn't have the letter handy. Not major issues but a hassle nonetheless.
  15. LN13

    June 2015 - Outland applications

    Congrats to the DM receivers! I was in the batch email the last of last month as well but had to wait for a document before I could respond. I sent it off today. Here's hoping for good news soon!
  16. LN13

    June 2015 - Outland applications

    I got the same letter. I get the feeling it's just a "Hey, this is the next pile were going to go through, let's make sure they have the opportunity send us stuff before we start going through it and have to email 10 people individually about missing stuff in their file." I think I'm sending...
  17. LN13

    June 2015 - Outland applications

    Got a documents request today!
  18. LN13

    US outland applicants' thread :)

    I got a documents request email today as well. Truthfully I'm a bit worried and thought someone might have some insight. We currently all live in the states and haven't started any major things for moving back to Canada yet. We have a solid plan but it involves moving in with my Mom for a bit...
  19. LN13

    June 2015 - Outland applications

    Got my case notes today. The FBI check is attached which was my real concern as we sent it separately and...nothing else has been done. I'm not surprised but it didn't stop me from being a tad disappointed.
  20. LN13

    Monitoring the wrong email

    Ok, so if they needed something it would show up in ecas as well as getting an email. I think.