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    Taxes on remote work in Canada

    I got an email that you replied saying "I work deal with CRA so I know they won't accept your tax return as a visitor status." among some other info. However I don't see it here. Did you delete it, and if so, is it not correct?
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    Taxes on remote work in Canada

    You can apply for a tax ID number without being a citizen/PR/resident. The US does the same thing. Tax agencies want their money, regardless of your immigration status. https://umanitoba.ca/admin/financial_services/media/t1261form.pdf Trust me, it'd be much easier (and cheaper) to not do both...
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    Taxes on remote work in Canada

    Are you sure about that? Because that's what I originally thought, but when looking at CRA's website it looked like I may be deemed a resident for tax purposes, regardless of being on visitor status. Do you have anything in writing I can compare?
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    Taxes on remote work in Canada

    US citizens do not require visas to come to Canada as tourists. You automatically get 6 months entry IF they wave you through no issue. Meaning you are never guaranteed the full 6 months (or entry at all) but if they do allow you to enter with no issue and no specific date written, then you get...
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    Taxes on remote work in Canada

    I'm confused about US vs CA taxes for online/remote work. Background: I'm American, living with my Canadian wife in Canada (current visitor status), applying for PR. I've been here for all of 2017, and have been working freelance online that entire time. I was planning to claim all of that...
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    Qu. on Status in a former country

    I am working on my address & employment history for the last 10 years as part of spousal sponsorship (I'm American, getting sponsored by my Canadian wife). One of those years (2011) I was living and working in Swaziland (southern Africa). I know that my employers were paying taxes for/on me...
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    Visitor records

    Does this mean if I am American, have a visitor record valid until April 12th, leave the country in January, and am let back in no issues that my new exit date is July (6 more months from Jan) rather than April 12th? The more current re-entry will trump the VR, as according to this forum the VR...
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    Visitor Record- what happens when you come & go?

    I am American; wife is Canadian. Before my 6 months ran out in July I applied for a visitor extension in June. I ended up leaving in Aug. before this was processed and returned Sept. 6th. WIth nothing specific said at the border except a quick welcome back, my new exit date was March 6th (6...
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    Visitors extension processing time is taking too long.

    I don't totally understand your question/situation so I'd listen to someone else for a full answer but in case it helps, I do know that you are under Implied Status once you've applied, which means you can remain in Canada until you get an answer even if it's after your original exit date. I'm...
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    Qu. on Visitor Record

    [i'm not sure if I should have posted this in this forum or the temp. resident, but as it relates to PR I chose here. Mods please let me know otherwise/move it] I'm American; my wife is Canadian. My 6 months in Canada was ending in June, and I applied in May for a visitor status extension with...
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    US outland applicants' thread :)

    Can anyone confirm with my 2nd question above if it is a good idea/ bad idea to ask for a Visitor Record? (Any advice on first qu. helpful too, but very curious about the VR)
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    Sponsoring my wife to come to Canada

    Definitely check this with someone else but I was under the impression that 1) there was never a really good reason for an American to apply inland (I'm also American), 2) you can apply Outland even if you are physically in Canada (lots of us doing it), and 3) I *think* that if you leave during...
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    US outland applicants' thread :)

    2nd question- for various reasons, I have no idea how soon we will get PR turned in and I'd like to come/go from Canada easily over the next year. I've read very mixed things on Visitor Records. Would it be smart to ask for a 1 year visitor record so I can come/go easily, or is that like a big...
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    US outland applicants' thread :)

    I have a question about stories matching up from past border crossings (if that is even a thing?) I am American; wife is Canadian. I've been here for 7 months as a visitor and got married a month ago. Now I'm about to leave to the US on our honeymoon and return a month later, separate from her...
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    Visitor record

    I'm trying to understand this Visitor Record and if it's a good thing and if I should ask for one. I am also a US citizen married to a Canadian. Currently in Canada but about to cross back to the US for our honeymoon, and I haven't turned in PR. My plan at the border was to say we are working on...
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    US citizen wife and moving back to Canada

    I've read this whole thread and think I'm good, but this part above is making me nervous. I am American and have been in Canada for 7 months staying with my now-wife (we got married a month ago). I applied for a visitor extension a month before my visa was up, so I'm good there (even though it...
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    Applying online but not enough space in the form

    Thanks to those who answered this, it was exactly what I needed!
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    US outland applicants' thread :)

    [Update: I found the answer to this on another thread and posting it below my question in case anyone searching needs the answer!] This is actually a qu. about the visitor extension app though I'm also working on PR and maybe it's the same- If I need to attach an extra page- in this case, the...
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    Should residency obligations be stricter?

    When people do which part?
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    Should residency obligations be stricter?

    I can certainly understand why some people would try to 'game the system' and get PR simply for benefits with no intention of living here. That's not us. Simply put, in a more hedonistic light, we're travelers. We love to move around, explore, and immerse & create in different communities. I...