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    PCC from Iran

    If your pcc more than six months older. You should apply for new one.
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    PCC from Iran

    So are you Iranian nationality or others ?
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    PCC from Iran

    Hi did you get the Iran pcc ??
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    Getting PCC form Iran

    Am also in same boat did you got the pcc ??
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    SOWP - January 2021 applicants

    Hi guys my medical was passed on November 18 review not started yet, is ita good sign for PPR??
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    SOWP from india

    Check with your consultant might be possible for upfront. IRCC prefer both biometric and upfront medical on final submission for faster processing
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    Raise the GCM notes... In which subsection they refused the application ??
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    SOWP from india

    Hi , any body applied SOWP from india submission date 02/05/2021
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    SOWP rejected

    Hi friends, Today I received decision from Embassy that's is given below please share the idea about this. You have not adequately demonstrated that you meet the requirements of a spousal open work permit pursuant to section 205(c)(ii) of the Regulations. Spouse College enrollment...