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  1. Amiah_world

    AIP received but eligibility still under review?

    Your first and biggest mistake is only your lawyer has access to your portal lol, you should also have access to check it yourself. Lawyers aren’t always on par with everything and they sometimes will get your application messed up.
  2. Amiah_world

    Family class/ spousal sponsorship

    I don’t have much answers or advice for you but I’m praying for you and your partner.
  3. Amiah_world

    Family class/ spousal sponsorship

    lol today is April 10 my guy have some patience it’ll be there within two weeks to two months …
  4. Amiah_world

    Sponsorship Withdraw for Visitor Visa Application for Fiance.

    There’s nothing for him to report. Just tell buddy to move on and count his losses. He doesn’t have kids with this person they’re bit married etc just move on. Do not even report anything cause there’s nothing to report.
  5. Amiah_world

    Sponsorship Withdraw for Visitor Visa Application for Fiance.

    By do something about it what do u mean, this is pretty confusing. You said your friend helped her get Canadian visa, how can she get visa from a country where she’s illegally working in that doesn’t make much sense. Bottom line is if he already helped her get a visitors visa that’s done and...
  6. Amiah_world

    File transferred to etobicoke

    Wow that’s long, I’m not sure about wait time I’ve been waiting for some time now as well. They’ll either send u a PROCEDURAL FAIRNESS LETTER (PFL) or call you in for an interview amongst many other things, keep your fingers crossed but once they transfer your file it’s not within normal...
  7. Amiah_world

    File transferred to etobicoke

    Welcome to the club, you’re in for a long and hard ordeal. It ain’t nothing good once they do that. Sorry to break it to you but we’re in the same boat.
  8. Amiah_world

    Sponsorship application with previous usa misrepresentation ban in student visa

    That’s definitely going to be a problem. I seen a guy from Bahamas came to Canada and he lied on his visa application that he never got denied entry into the states which he did a few years back and they sent him right back to the Bahamas, so yes that’s going to be an issue. Canada and US are...
  9. Amiah_world


    Way too long with. Which country ?
  10. Amiah_world

    MAY 2022 *OUTLAND* Spousal Sponsorship

    A very important factor to take in is that I think there’s thousands if not millions of people immigrating from your specific country or area, check the news about the mass immigration in the last 5 years. Maybe order GCMS notes and keep calling to follow up even though calling won’t speed up...
  11. Amiah_world

    AOR wait time - Spousal sponsorship Application -2024

    8 months for AOR is not normal and way too long, are we talking inland or Outland ?
  12. Amiah_world

    Family class/ spousal sponsorship

    What’s the update on your case.
  13. Amiah_world

    I want to withdraw my refugee claim because I have sponsorship file through my spouse

    Hey I know I’m a few days late but this isn’t a good idea, i know people who filed refugee and then did spousal sponsorship and wasn’t approved. Be careful you’re playing a very dangerous game with IRCC. You best sit tight and go sit down with a proper lawyer and weigh you options.
  14. Amiah_world

    Asked for passport

    lol don’t give anyone your passport they trying to blackmail or steal your info
  15. Amiah_world

    June 2023 Inland Spousal Sponsorship

    Congratulations, we applied the same time last year.
  16. Amiah_world

    AOR wait time - Spousal sponsorship Application -2024

    1 month is possible. Some people get in two weeks or so but it’s not long.
  17. Amiah_world

    Sponsoring spouse

    Tell it to immigration when u submit the application, call up a lawyer and pay for the consultation they’ll give you better answers. This ain’t as easy as how you think it’s going to be.
  18. Amiah_world


    You’re a Troll & psychopath, get a life with this nonsense response.