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    OCI process

    Thanks Bhai, itna detailed response k liye. Hopefully BLS ko pyar bhari email krne ki zarurat nai padegi. But have saved the template response for any future interactions with BLS
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    OCI process

    Thanks Abbas bhai. Finally checked the status on OCI website and it looks like OCI has reached Toronto. Looks like I won't have to apply for eVisa. Date Of Acknowledgment 28-APR-2023 Registration Status at Mission TORONTO OCI- Number A4856954 Documents Printing Status...
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    OCI process

    Abbas Bhai, the status on OCI website has been constantly displaying the below: "Original documents Dispatched via courier Dispatched via Courier" I guess I should have already received the acknowledgement right? Would that be in email, or that is just a status on OCI website?
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    OCI process

    I have received back my original surrender certificate, but the status on website still shows Original documents dispatched. Would you be able to advise how long it takes after receiving the documents to get the OCI card. This is for Toronto BLS. Will have to travel in second week of June...
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    Police certificate (PCC) from Punjab , India

    Did you apply online or just walk in? I am trying to get an appointment and all available ones are after a month.
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    Two separate PPR mails, one from New Delhi and the other from Manila

    Hi forum, We got two separate PPR emails on the same day, one from New Delhi and the other from Manila VO. This was for Outland Spousal sponsorship. The primary applicant is in India and has never traveled to Philippines. Not sure why we got the PPR from Manila. The confusing part is that the...
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    I am in the same boat, application received on July 24. Not sure what happened there. I checked the past month trackers and couldn't find this trend in previous month applications. Hope to get the AOR soon.
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    Applying TRV for spouse with outland sponsorship in process.

    Thanks Scylla, that helps. Else I would have to wait another couple of months waiting for AOR. Would keep the ties to home country aspect in mind before submitting the TRV application. Though I still need to inform them about the spousal sponsorship application right? So just the proof of...
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    Applying TRV for spouse with outland sponsorship in process.

    Hi forum, I have recently submitted the file for my wife's outland sponsorship. I would like to apply for TRV for her, so we could spend some time together till the sponsorship is in processing stage. Do I need to wait for AOR to apply for TRV or attaching the proof of payment for sponsorship...