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  1. Fitztorious

    PR card in production timeline

    We landed 24th Sept, 2015 in Niagara Falls and we are still waiting for our PR card here in Toronto. It won't be 42 days for us until 5th Nov, 2015. In your situation I would wait until 13th Nov, 2015 before contacting CIC. Also, when we landed the processing time for new PR cards was longer...
  2. Fitztorious

    Received COPR papers and successfully landed connect here

    Congrats! Were you FSW or CEC? Edit: Never mind, I see in a previous post you said inland FSW. Was wondering if they asked you for PoF even though you were CEC but you're FSW so all good.
  3. Fitztorious

    RCMP Police Check Requested

    Very quick! About 7 days from getting fingerprints taken to having the RCMP check in my hand. I live in Toronto so add a couple days if you are in Calgary. I realized that CIC will request fingerprints on individuals whose name on a Canadian ID doesn't exactly match the passport name. In our...
  4. Fitztorious

    Lots of Issues with ITA

    You need to make sure you do this correctly as you are running out of time. Stop waiting for responses from CIC to respond as they give inconsistent and sometimes incorrect responses. I'm a Canadian citizen and in a common-law relationship with my GF who just received her CoPR after going...
  5. Fitztorious

    Received COPR papers and successfully landed connect here

    Quick question I'm a Canadian citizen and my GF just received her CoPR. We live together in Toronto and plan to land Sept 22nd at the Peace Bridge after a day trip to Buffalo (driving). The thing is her parents are visiting at the same time and we will all be going to Buffalo together. Her...
  6. Fitztorious

    PR Card - how long

    http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/information/times/perm-card.asp New PR cards take 82 days as of Aug 29. The wait time was 90 days a couple weeks earlier with many people receiving their cards around the 65 day mark.
  7. Fitztorious

    Express Entry is look like PGWP holder's enemy :(

    To young students looking at getting PR in Canada after University/College: We are going to assume the score never drops below 450. To get and ITA as an international student you need to take a 3 or 4 year program at a Canadian University or College where you will be awarded a Bachelor Degree...
  8. Fitztorious


    Same! Monday night at 7:07 pm. Looks like they could be sending them out in groups. I got: "Sept 1st - BRAMPTON, Item re-routed due to processing error; Possible delay". So mine will not get here until tomorrow (Sept 3rd). Which means it will be a day late past the guaranteed delivery date so...
  9. Fitztorious


    I sent on the same day as you and received on Aug 21. Still waiting for the tracker to be activated. I got the Final decision: This application has been approved status on Friday. Maybe they send passports out in large groups.
  10. Fitztorious

    EE Processing Time Calculator & General Statistics

    Wow this is really well done. Interesting to see all the data plotted. From the data set it looks like I had the quickest CEC "Application Submitted" to "PPR" in just 66 days. I wonder why mine was processed so quickly. I would have never expected FSW Outside be processed quicker than CEC...
  11. Fitztorious

    Concern about address after receiving PPR

    I changed my address over 2 weeks ago and ECAS still has my old address. When they sent me a letter a week ago it was addressed to my new address. As long as you got confirmation that they received your address change I think you are fine.
  12. Fitztorious

    urgent help!!!!CBSA agent lost my COPR and other landing details

    Ahh okay. singhsukhbir mentioned that CIC had nothing in their system of him landing. I wonder if his PR card is being processed?
  13. Fitztorious

    FSW or CEC which is better?

    If you are qualified for FSW & CEC you will receive a FSW invite. You need to select "No" when it asks if you have a valid job offer to only qualify for CEC. Changing your amount of funds to $0 or under $11,931 will not make you ineligible for the FSW program. I would consider this a glitch in...
  14. Fitztorious

    urgent help!!!!CBSA agent lost my COPR and other landing details

    I actually know someone who threw out their CoPR accidentally when they received it in the mail before they landed (outside of Canada). Surprisingly, they reissued a new CoPR in about a week. So it appears that getting a new CoPR would be possible but not something I would want to go through.
  15. Fitztorious


    CEC = No POF Required (use T4/pay stubs/tax return) FSW = POF Required If you have LMIA then POF is not required either. Only under FSW with no LMIA do you need POF.
  16. Fitztorious

    urgent help!!!!CBSA agent lost my COPR and other landing details

    I wouldn't panic. Seems to me like an admin error which is bound to happen when they are processing tens of thousands of applications a year. I would fax a copy of your signed COPR and the passport page the border agent stamped. They will likely process it quickly once they receive it.
  17. Fitztorious

    FSW or CEC which is better?

    Thanks! To add to that CEC seems to have been quick for some people here on the forums here. I was extremely careful when submitting the documents and made sure to clarify anything in the explanation letter. It seems that the more careful and exhaustive you are in submitting your application...
  18. Fitztorious

    FSW or CEC which is better?

    CEC doesn't have POF requirements and seems to update more accurately in ECAS & MyCIC. I qualified for both but declined my initial FSW ITA for a CEC ITA.