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    understanding GCMS notes

    No, never replied to such questions because my or accompanying spouse visa never rejected for any countries but in my gcms notes I have these notes NOTES: 16 Created Date: 2020/11/25 10:46:58 Created By: EAIEAPP Updated Date: 2020/11/25 10:46:58 Updated By: EAIEAPP Restricted: No Label...
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    understanding GCMS notes

    @sgoldsmith No, there is no adverse comment about reference letter, everything is there as per required, no change in score. it is same as ITa
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    understanding GCMS notes

    I received gcms notes today. it says review required for eligibility @legalfalcon can you please guide on this. do I have to submit any documents or should I worry on this ? Case Analyst: REVIEW REQUIRED Lock-in Date: 2021-02-02 PA: - EE CEC Having analyzed this application based on the...
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    CEC Applicants - Jan 2021 **Join Here**

    CEC Applicant Inland ITA - 9th Dec AOR - 2nd Feb MEP and BIL 24th Feb
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    Express entry from quebec

    it is fine but not enough, you need to show more proofs to show connection with outside of quebec like lease agreement, health card from ontario, driving licence and if you don't have all this then strong intention letter that you will move out from quebec.
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    >>>>>>>>>>February 2021<<<<<<<<<< AoR Join here

    ITA: 9th December 2020 CEC-INLAND AOR: FEB 2
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    Medical exam in another province

    Thank you for your reply @scylla
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    Medical exam in another province

    I'm CEC inland applicant, I am living in Ontario, is it OK to do a medical exam in another province like Quebec as the nearest medical center located in Quebec ? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
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    Related to intention to reside outside of Quebec

    Hi all, I am working for Quebec based employer as permanent employee (work from home), and I just moved to Ontario before applying my EE application, Do I need to provide intention letter with my application? If yes, then What I should write in the letter? any help would be appreciated