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    Saudi Arabia based Applicant

    Congratulations dear , I don't have any knowledge about this category as I have applied via Skilled Category before three years. Good Luck !
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    I want to work in Canada. how do I proceed. Ian a food safety and hygiene coordinator in UAE.

    no need to visit any Consultant , just visit CIC webpage and visit the immigration portion of this website and you will get all detailed. But you need to spend quality time to get all information.So don't be in hurry !
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    PRTD from DUBAI. Help.

    Best of Luck dear !
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    PR Residency Obligations: Cutting it close ?

    In my opinion you are Safe with six months buffer.. Best of luck !
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    Very Very Tough life ahead in Canada

    15000 CAD for six months for a single person in GTA
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    Abudhabi VFS-PRTD

    Its your choice if you want to apply for PRTD , other wise photo re submission request is not an issue as you can send the new photo.80% people are getting the photo re submission request including me. Best of luck !
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    Civil site engineer searching for job

    what is your question ??
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    'Landed' in Nova Scotia - 3 months update.

    Thanks for the reply. Good Luck !
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    'Landed' in Nova Scotia - 3 months update.

    Thanks for sharing & Best of Luck. What is your background ? Education & Experience ?
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    Permanent Resident in Canada

    Don't listen to such proposals.Its all fake.
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    My dad received job offer + LMIA , is this a scam?

    The job offer is really great !! but unfortunately its SCAM / FAKE.I have received lots of such fake offers in Gulf ..
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    Funds - Landing

    normally online bank statements are not accepted.BS must be issued by the bank and having bank stamp.
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    Moving countries FSWO still processing

    Hi , did you get PPR ? Reg. Q.
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    PRTD from DUBAI. Help.

    Its really not a good news ! Best of Luck dear and Insha Allah you will get your PRTD soon
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    PRTD from DUBAI. Help.

    Hi Mini87 , What happened to your case ? Did you get the PRTD ? Best of luck !
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    YVR: Which officer is the most powerful at port of entry?

    Thanks, but I think the entry stamp during the first visit on the passport will be sufficient ?? Reg. Q.