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    Transit Visa for Canada enroute to USA

    Hi 1. Better change your flight as posted processing time is 136 days.
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    Travel - Alcohol Limit?

    Hi 1. Since she is going to Canada it is 1.4 litres
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    Anyone had experience a child entering Canada without visa?

    HI 1. Without TRVs they won't be allowed to board any flight to Canada
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    Changing School issues need to clarify

    Hi `1, No, you have to continue to study for first semester before changing DLI 2. If you want to go to a new DLI you will have to apply for new study permit before entering Canada. 3. Unlikely as you weren't refused.
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    Can we travel on COPR?

    Hi 1/ No, you need either a PR card or PRTD . You can cross into Canada from the US with your COPR.
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    PR Living outside Canada wants to sponsor dependent child

    HI 1. No. PR's can't sponsor a dependent while abroad. 2. You can request a TRV or TRP for the child to travel to Canada otherwise one of you will have to return to Canada.
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    Arya Samajh Marriage Certificate

    Hi Hi 1/ As it not registered, it is not valid. The following 1/ As it not registered, it is not valid. The following Prayagraj: The Allahabad High Court has observed that certificates issued by Arya Samaj Societies alone do not prove the legality of a marriage, saying the wedding...
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    Withdraw application how to get passport back ?

    Hi 1. Contact CBSA (CIC if they seized the passport) 2. Tell them you intend to withdraw you claim, once the claim is withdrawn, then the passport will be returned on you on the flight leaving Canada. Usually given to pilot.
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    Second PGWP !

    Hi 1. Basically No.
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    Employer withdrew

    Hi 1. It will be refused as there is no longer a job.
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    NOC and NAFTA lists

    Hi 1. 2 different lists, the NOC lists all jobs, NAFTA list is eligible list for LMIA free jobs.
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    If I withdraw a study permit extension application will I lose my current study permit?

    Hi 1, No, it should remain valid until it's expiry date.
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    regarding passports scan

    HI 1., The usually want all pages to see the in/out stamps.
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    Got a multiple entry visa - Do I have to travel within 6 months?

    Hi 1. You can travel whenever you want up to the expiry date of the visa.
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    Entering Canada as a tourist with Latvian residence card.

    Hi 1. She needs a valid passport, if it is Russian, she will need a TRV (visitor visa) Holders of Latvian passports require an ETF to travel to Canada.
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    Married while the citizenship is in process

    Hi 1. No you don't have to inform CIC that you got married, as it has no effect on a citizenship application
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    Canadian born child and upfront medical exam

    Hi 1. No, you only list him on the IMM5406
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    Visitor Record - Designated country - what should be the answer ?

    Hi 1. The US is not a designated country. https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/application/medical-police/medical-exams/requirements-temporary-residents/country-requirements.html