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    Spousal sponsorship

    If he was on your application as a dependent then no, you did not sponsor him. If you got PR first and then well.. sponsored him, then yes, you sponsored him. In order to sponsor his dependent son for PR, his son needs to have been listed on his application as a non-accompanying dependent and...
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    Spouse banned for 5 years

    If you didn't commit misrepresentation, you should try to appeal this with your proof of marriage. You don't want to have misrepresentation on your record if you plan to apply for PR. If your appeal is upheld, your spouse will not have to be banned for 5 years, no misrepresentation on your...
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    TRV Refused for Sister - Need Guidance Please !

    Consider all of the above and add that if you want, you and your spouse can invite her, showing your own income and bank accounts to ensure that her financial needs will be met during her trip and that you will also guarantee that she does not overstay. Sure there is nothing you could...
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    Can a Manitoba PNP PR move and settle in another province

    The sponsor can apparently never sponsor anyone else under MPNP if one of the people he sponsored has left. However, it's highly unlikely that he is sponsoring his mother under MPNP. Sponsorship of parents is federal and has nothing to do with MPNP and hence would not be affected.
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    Problem with child support, What's the best approach? I'm in a dilemma, Please help!!!!

    If you are willing to re-marry your wife and stay with her for the sake of your son and she would be happy to re-marry you too, it would also be an option that you all immigrate to Canada. However, if you do end up getting divorced in Canada in the future, it will be more expensive for you.
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    Nanny work permit for own sister

    I have heard in the past of nurses being qualified as caregivers. I think you should try it.
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    Problem with child support, What's the best approach? I'm in a dilemma, Please help!!!!

    According to your plan, you will be fooling your ex wife into getting medicals for your son in order to sponsor him later. Then you will be immigrating to Canada alone, leaving them behind but with the option of sponsoring your son later, for example when he turns 18 and no longer needs his...
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    Citizenship change and Canadian PR

    Yes, some people have managed to do this in the past. After all, you are still PR. Nobody will stop you from getting a job, getting health care etc. If you are ever asked why you entered as a tourist, you should however probably not say that you were trying to avoid getting reported. You...
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    Citizenship change and Canadian PR

    1. You could apply for a PR travel document but you would have to state why you could not meet the RO. Reasons like having a good job or wanting to get citizenship in another country would not be considered under humane and compassionate grounds. 2. You could try entering from the US via the...
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    Leaving Canada without PR Card

    1. No 2. Yes, however, if the immigration officer becomes aware that you are doing a short landing and will not be in Canada when the PR card is mailed to your address, they could put a hold on it. 3. You should apply for a PR travel document if you find yourself outside Canada without a PR...
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    Sponsoring a child stuck plz help

    You don't need a co-signer for a child because there is no income requirement. Therefore, you are the sponsor. You only need a co-signer when you are sponsoring other relatives such as parents and your income alone is not high enough. I haven't heard of children being sponsored outside Canada...
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    Sponsoring a child stuck plz help

    You can sponsor your child and at the same time apply to renew your PR card. Your expired card shouldn't be a problem but you can include a cover letter stating that you know your PR card is expired but you have already applied to renew. You need to sponsor your child outland as you have been...
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    Pr status

    This is a typical case of "did not know the rules" but that doesn't help you either. Many people have been in the same situation. For anybody else, if you are applying for PR and are about to get married, you have two options. 1) Getting married before you land: You notify the visa office to...
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    PR Card Renewal Interview Letter

    1. They will likely put your sponsorship application on hold until they decide the fate of your PR status. There would be no point in bringing them here if you were about to lose your PR status. 2. Buying assets really does not buy you any favours with immigration but can show that you are...
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    Spousal sponsorship

    You can apply to return to Canada when the 5 years are up or your future wife can sponsor you if she is a PR or citizen by then.
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    3years old Child born outside canada for PR parents

    If your PR TD was issued on humanitarian grounds, you can apply to renew PR card right away. However, what humanitarian grounds you had for not meeting the RO (residency obligation) in the past may not hold for the future so if you do not spend the next 2 years in Canada, you risk that they...
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    No, it will not impact a citizenship application.
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    Alberta Health Coverage - Soft Landing

    The eligibility requirements for health care in AB state that you are a resident of AB and commit to residing in AB at least 183 days per any 12 month period, basically 6 out of 12 months. Doing a soft landing, you are not yet a resident. You are a visitor basically. Once you move to AB...
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    Retroactive Cancellation of MSP and Expired PR Card

    You have to try to do everything before your PR card expires. There is really no law in Canada that states that you must have a valid PR card in order to live in Canada. However, many are now asking for a PR card as proof of your valid PR status and it's sometimes hard to get around this.
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    Do i need a PRTD document?

    So you are not yet PR but are about to land as a PR with your family? In that case, you don't need a PR TD. You have your PR visa. After you land, you become a PR. The next time you want to enter Canada, if your wife had received and brought your PR card, you do not need a PR TD. If your PR...