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    Brother thinks I am purposely not sponsoring him to immigrate to Canada, out of spite but I am not eligible, how do I convince him?

    If he's that desperate to come, tell him to ante up and consult with a good immigration lawyer about the possibility of him being sponsored if he doesn't believe you.
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    Minor PR children not fulfilling residence obligation due to parents came back to native country

    So you've got 3 years. As it stands now, apply for the PRTD under H&C. No guarantees that it will work, but it's his best option, at least under the current rules.
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    Permanent Residency Obligation fulfillment by living with a common law partner who is a Canadian citizen.

    So did you move to the US while you were in a common law relationship or did that occur after you moved?
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    Minor PR children not fulfilling residence obligation due to parents came back to native country

    So will he be coming to Canada alone in the near future?
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    Minor PR children not fulfilling residence obligation due to parents came back to native country

    How old are they now? They would need to apply for a PRTD claiming H&C grounds for removal as a child. No clear answer whether or not it would be accepted.
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    The child isn't on welfare. The mother is. If she wants to sponsor a husband, she needs to get a job, get off welfare and prove she won't need it when the husband arrives. Time to start contributing.
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    travel for Marriage out side canada

    Pick a different country.....
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    Everyone should file taxes, income or not. That's how you qualify for things like CT rebate, GST rebate and TFSA Benefits
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    Sounds like the kind of company that would post fake reviews to scam more people out of money.
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    "Will this affect my application?" absolutely, and as noted, not in a positive way for you.
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    And we're done....

    Just finished the photo session with the officials after the citizenship ceremony (in person, Calgary) Sept 17, 2023 submission Sept 21 AOR Fingerprint request oct 23 Citizenship test Oct 23 Test passed Nov1 Background and fingerprints passed Nov 11 GCMS ordered Feb 20,2024 LPP complete March...
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    Refugee status cessation and PRs applying for citizenship

    If you attempt to renew your PR, you potentially face the same challenges if potential cessation. It's a tough choice and very personal depending on your risk aversion. Personally, I'd apply, but then again, I would be willing to have the cessation hanging over my head indefinitely. Rather have...
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    After PR to Canadian citizenship

    Unless you were a protected person, that time won't count. You'll need to count from the time you became a PR.
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    Family sponsorship file refused - misrepresentation

    Emphasis on lawyer....not a consultant.
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    Although, I will give them bonus point for potentially dragging up one of the oldest dead posts I've seen.
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    Processing time for citizenship

    Or check for yourself... https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/application/check-processing-times.html
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    Bankruptcy & Moving back to Home Counrty

    Not judgemental, just tired of paying for dead beats and slackers. And speaking of growing, time to put on the big boy/girl panties and own up to your responsibilities.
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    Minor on no status

    Get them a passport first and foremost. You won't get anything without that.