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  1. Copingwithlife

    Giving birth in Canada without provincial healthcare coverage (NOT BIRTH TOURISM)

    More than likely that Dr has been stiffed for payment in the past . You know person in labour , says they’ll pay after the birth and they don’t . Ridiculous, but probably true
  2. Copingwithlife

    Impact of a US visa refusal while a Canadian visa is pending

    What’s your end game here ? https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/visitor-visa-study-work-permit.800779/ It would be extremely reckless to attempt to move to Canada on a visitor visa , more so with a wife & child
  3. Copingwithlife

    Applying work permit application at same time as LMIA

    Your lawyer obviously failed ethics 101 And you as well by going along with this
  4. Copingwithlife

    Application for proof of citizenship certificate on an urgent basis

    More than likely there home country passport requires getting a visa to enter the United States Getting a Canadian passport circumvents that
  5. Copingwithlife

    PR Renewal H&C Grounds

    You’ve posted this NINE times . Repeat NINE times chill out
  6. Copingwithlife

    Redeeming PR through PRTD document

    “What is the success rate of redeeming PR after all these years?” Your guess is as good as ours , since you haven’t given enough background information
  7. Copingwithlife

    Brother thinks I am purposely not sponsoring him to immigrate to Canada, out of spite but I am not eligible, how do I convince him?

    Why do people have such a hard time to tell people just a no ? Like it’s a no . My brother asked me to lend him a large sum of money otherwise his house would be repossessed. It’s a no Countless times on here people have posted the same situation about family members pressuring them . It’s a no...
  8. Copingwithlife

    PR Card Renewal Before Meeting RO: My Experience

    Just means in this ONE instance they renewed prior to meeting RO. Doesn’t mean everyone will be able . Some people get tickets when speeding some don’t . Doesn’t infer this is new policy
  9. Copingwithlife

    Child benefit while living outside Canada

    Seriously? On that premise . One could never return back too Canada have the ccb paid out to children that have set foot back into Canada for years
  10. Copingwithlife

    Moving from Michigan to Windsor

    Christ on a stick Knock it off with the hidden spam Jesus would not be pleased
  11. Copingwithlife

    Uk visa cancellation and Canada visit visa

    That’s irrelevant Don’t withhold the information
  12. Copingwithlife

    IEC young professionals from working holiday

    https://ircc.canada.ca/english/helpcentre/answer.asp?qnum=939&top=25 Says here what type of insurance you need . You require repatriation coverage OHIP does not offer that
  13. Copingwithlife

    Visit Visa Rejection Advice

    Hopefully you didn’t buy a ticket before getting approved. Tickets can be cancelled
  14. Copingwithlife

    After I worked for employer 1 month, I get my PR card

    You could quit your job and start making lawn chairs They don’t care
  15. Copingwithlife

    Looking for some guidance

    That doesn’t make sense . The unemployment rate in Alberta just rose to 6.3%
  16. Copingwithlife

    Pending loan and credit card for PCC

    No But now that you are immigrating to the USA . You’ll more than likely work so you can start making payments on your debt you left behind . Sounds like you’ve been unemployed for six years , hence no payments on your debt
  17. Copingwithlife

    Help! Work Permit Holder invites student sister

    You supporting her is a negative. A condition is can they afford to visit , fund their own trip . By the sounds of it they can’t
  18. Copingwithlife

    Aider mes parents à rester au Canada et avoir la securité sociale.- demande d'asile

    Asylum based upon what ? Them giving you an education is irrelevant As well having all your siblings here is irrelevant. This sounds like a case of everyone moved here , and we forgot about mom & dad . Home alone ? Cute . But not a basis for asylum And they are relatively young . Helping them...
  19. Copingwithlife

    Switch! SP/PGWP to OWP

    Discussed here In a nutshell no . One cannot flip flop back & forth to extend their time in Canada . That loophole was closed for that reason You are the “ primary “ person...
  20. Copingwithlife

    Spouse or Visitor Visa

    Best course of action is dependant what your end game is . In your postings you’re talking about Express Entry , starting a business, getting an LMIA etc . You’re all over the map Are you a visitor or planning on staying ? SOWP if you’re planning on staying or TRV for a short visit . Plus...