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    Applying for residency on a tourist visa

    As long as you are legally staying in Canada you are fine to apply for CEC if you have the qualifying experience. It really Doesn't matter if you are tourist or worker. You can even apply from your home country when you go back.
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    New passport after COPR and PR visa processed

    Hi , I have received my COPR and PR visa last March and will do landing this December. I am planning to obtain a new passport (need to change my current handwritten passport with machine readable) in a few months. Just wondering, do I need to inform CPC, Ottawa regarding the passport change and...
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    Seniors pls help - Canada PR stamping - Requesting different office

    You should immediately change your current address with CIC and inform them that you moved to Australia on a work permit. Once you receive PPR, just email them back requesting for visa stamping in Australia. For me it took 17 calender days to got reply for sending my passport to CIC at Sydney...
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    Postdoc-Should I resubmit my CEC with new NOC

    I also applied under NOC 4011 while working as a Visiting Scholar (similar to Post Doc) and did mostly research. Your HR letter and job offer letter seems perfectly OK. I would suggest to send a letter from your supervisor stating your duties and all other information required by CIC, and...
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    help me - canada express immigration

    I am not sure whether FSW or CEC will be completely closed or reformed , but it does say in the CIC website "These are the last FSWP, FSTP and CEC applications that will be accepted under the current system before Express Entry launches in January 2015."...
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    Does salay matter in CEC applicatio???

    Hi byrwus No, I was employed as a visiting scholar (NOC 4011) and did research work only and got paid $12/hour. Got my PR and hope to land in a few months.
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    Does salay matter in CEC applicatio???

    Salary mentioned at HRDC website does not matter for CEC, its only for labor market opinion. However, you should make at least the minimum wage set by your province . My salary ($12/hr) was far away from the average salary mention in HRDC website for my NOC.
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    Notifying change of address after visa stamping

    Thanks guys...yes I am currently living outside Canada and will do landing later this year.
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    Notifying change of address after visa stamping

    I have received my passport with visa stamped and COPR this week. I will be moving to a new address next week. Just wondering, do we need to keep informing CIC about our address changes until we land in Canada?
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    So Finally, my journey for PR comes almost towards an end. All thanks be to Allah, my Lord. Got passport back with visa and COPR. The long waiting for PR is finally coming towards an end. Feeling so happy.. :D This was a good training on how to hold your patience without loosing your nerves...
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    visa stamping at other office

    Finally, received stamped passport and COPR back today ;D . Feeling relieved. They took approximately 12 days to process. Good luck everyone
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    Just landed but need to change mailing address of PR card

    you can call CIC call center at 18882422100. They should be able to change your address over the phone.
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    Certificate of Clearance from Singapore

    Here is my time line for COC Both appeal form and COC application form received by SPF on 14th February, 2014 SPF requested updated appeal form and additional supporting documents on 18th February, 2014 Send additional documents to SPF on 19th February by email Got confirmation that appeal...
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    visa stamping at other office

    Hi Awesome3 I will have my passport stamped at Sydney, Australia. I think the instructions are different for New Delhi. follow nkk0127
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    visa stamping at other office

    Finally, got passport request from local visa office with all the instructions. Will be sending it today and hope to get back by next week. Good luck to everyone
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    visa stamping at other office

    But I was asked to complete and return Appendix B along with the passport and proof of RPRF to the sydney visa office. I think its a form.
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    visa stamping at other office

    Hi wesskess did you receive appendix B and photo specification as an attachment with the email? if so, do you mind send me those in email (if there is no personal information and appendix B is a generic form). Thanks,
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    visa stamping at other office

    Just got request for submitting passport at Visa office in Sydney, Australia. In the email they asked me to complete attached Appendix B and send photograph. However, they did not attached any appendix B and photo specification in the email. I replied to CPC-Ottawa requesting those documents...
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    visa stamping at other office

    deshkarthik how long CIC took to reply back from your initial request for visa stamping at Delhi?
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    visa stamping at other office

    Any update guys....looks like CIC is really slowing down these days... :(