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    Any upcoming hearing cancel due the strike ?

    What an idiot ... get a life and stop misguiding people That is a (seizure appointment) ... NOT a hearing
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    Any upcoming hearing cancel due the strike ?

    Stop misguiding people What an idiot
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    Can I Travel to Saudi Arabia on Refugee Travels Document

    For God sake STOP spreading wrong info There is no one living in the gulf countries ''permanently'' unless they are citizens of the said countries ....
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    Timeline for my hearing date 2022-2023

    So you sent your BOC in December and after about 5 to 6 weeks you received a mail in your mailbox informing you about your hearing date?
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    Timeline for my hearing date 2022-2023

    That's a good timeline really, good luck in your hearing : ) Which city/province are you a resident of?
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    Less complex case timeline

    Best of luck in your short hearing : ) Is it virtual or is it going to be in person?
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    After hearing timeline for pr card recently

    This person is always spreading negativity and wrong information
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    2022 Refugee Claimant Timeline

    Good luck to you : ) Did you find out what kind of documents you have to submit by August, 22 to prove your case?
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    Canceling repretative

    How much have you paid him so far?
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    march 2022 visit visa applications please gather here.

    Congratulations : ) Did you attach a vaccine certificate to your applications??
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    Visitor Visa - Applied on Nov 2021, no updates.

    Mind your own shit and stop misguiding people with bogus info People can contact IRCC as they please, that is NONE of your business
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    Super Visa 2021 - Information, Timeline, FAQ

    Congratulations : ) Is this a visit visa or super visa? Can you share where does the applicant reside?
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    Visit Visa Application (Using the new IRCC Portal)

    +1 Congratulations again
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    Visit Visa Application (Using the new IRCC Portal)

    Congratulations Did you not say few days ago that your application was approved Jan 30, 2022? now it is Feb 8,2022? can you explain what you mean?
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    Visitor Visa Application (using the new IRCC Portal) INDIA updates

    Congratulations : ) How did you add a screenshot to your post? how can I do that? I only see the option to add a picture which is to add a URL for a picture
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    Visitor visa fraud

    Ok Done No one is going to waste time anymore learning about this lame nonsense bogus story
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    Visitor visa fraud

    Do you know these people really well? are you a family member? are you in Canada? How can you be 100% sure they have no job in their home country? you must be really close to them for you to know all these details
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    Visitor visa for parents applied in October 2021. No decision yet

    Is this your second application? did you not apply back in October?
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    Pls help

    Hi brother! did you get a visa for your wife???
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    TRV Philippines

    nyoba ka rtlkiod ko lmnetyr on Dec 2021 ank polirtoko verma bohsmy on January : )