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    Air suvida form -India

    We are going back to India from Toronto. Is there any requirement for filling Air Suvida form on line -covid like information
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    flight ticket

    My given name has parts I.e. Vijay bala and surname LNU, but on ticket it is reflected as vijaybala Lnu I.e. without space. Does it make any problem
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    Booking ticket to canada without surname

    Please guide My wife name is Vijay Bala Surname..... x While booking with Air Canada It is showing either 1) VijayLnu 2) Vijaybala (without space in Vijay and Bala In passport it is Vijay Bala(given name) If booked, does it create problem at the time of boarding
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    Can we buy Air ticket from Toronto to Delhi (AIR CANADA) which is in CAD by using Indian credit card(ICICI).
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    Documents required for first visit after PR

    Hi Please help me in supplying information as I am flying for first time on 22nd June from Delhi to Toronto after getting PR( PR card issued while in Canada last year). I hv PR card eCOPR Air ticket Passport Any additional document is required. Please advise
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    Traveling from India after PR

    Hi I got PR card issued after eCOPR and returned to India. Now I am planning to travel Toronto from Delhi for first time after getting PR card. What documents required other than Passport and PR card? Please advise.
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    Can I apply for SIN at Pearson International airport?

    Now you can get SIN at Toronto Airport.
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    Social Insurance Number - which service center?

    My son got SIN created at Service Canada at Toronto Airport, yesterday. It took only 10 minutes.
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    Creation of SIN at Airport

    It is I think near gate g. Flight was from Delhi to Toronto
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    Creation of SIN at Airport

    Yes. It took 10 minutes for creation of SIN
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    Whether SIN can be applied at Airport?

    My son got SIN at Toronto Airport yesterday. It is being issued at Airpo
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    Creation of SIN at Airport

    Service Canada office at Toronto Airport has created SIN for my son.
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    Service canada at Toronto Airport

    Whether Service Canada started functioning at Toronto Airport for issue of SIN
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    Tax on personal funds that will be moved to Canada over the next several years

    My son is moving to Canada in Feb., 2023 on PR. His wife is Principal Applicant and he is dependent. Please advise how and in whose name he should prepare bank draft {of how much CAD} . Whether he can prepare 2 nos. Demand draft be in the name of both. The total carrying limit is CAD10000 each...
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    Opening a bank account without address proof ?

    Hi We{2} are to Canada on PR in December. I need your experience and advise how to open account without canada address proof. Eed also advise can account is opened in Canada bank before departure from India. We hv copr
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    New Permanent Resident Card

    My son got COPR and there is no Canada mailing address. He is to land in January, 2023 and will be staying with his sister. How to update the mailing address?
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    share you timeline for getting eCoPR/PR card approved in PR Confirmation Portal

    Got COPR. When and where I can update my Canada address after landing for receiving PR card