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  1. Aquakitty

    Misrepresentation- ban of 5 years

    I don't know what you should do, as I am not a lawyer. However I can give an opinion. If the criminal proceedings are very close to the time you applied then it would be reasonable that you didn't know. Plus you never used the TRV so I don't see that as being a huge issue?
  2. Aquakitty

    USA Spouse Living in Canada Application (Family Class/Outland)

    I don't see the benefit in sending it in now. Is there no expedited process you could use for the Egyptian certificate? You'd think they'd be eager to get more money if possible, as is usually the case with government entities.
  3. Aquakitty

    Visitor extension refused - what to do now?

    What was the refusal reason? I don't think I saw it in OP's posts. It's possible it will be restored, definitely a better chance once the PR app is in. Maybe include a plane ticket reservation for home for the end of whatever time you were requesting.
  4. Aquakitty

    What if the application was lost?

    Don't worry, as long as your tracking number shows it as accepted, there is very little chance they will "lose" it. I've only ever heard of apps getting lost in the mail. IRCC losing apps is exceedingly rare. It's more likely they are just behind in AORs.
  5. Aquakitty

    Divorce certificates requested. Never was married before

    What do you mean by "the one attached"? The date of the form? Sounds like an erroneous request, either that or a generic letter. Can you let us know the contents of the request letter?
  6. Aquakitty

    Obtaining work permit once PR approved

    You don't need a work permit once you have PR. You just need your permanent social insurance number. Just bring your id/docs to a Service Canada office. It's a very quick process. They will give you a paper with your new SI number.
  7. Aquakitty

    *BREAKING* Conditional Permanent Residency has ended

    Cool, though I have mixed feelings about it. I can see both sides of the issue here. But, my spouse is "released" a couple months early, not that it matters.
  8. Aquakitty

    CIC and my 6 months.

    Depends, really. If she words it like her in-laws gave her their old stuff (assuming it's only a few items) you might get through. You should bring receipts or at least value estimates list for every item. If you are hauling a whole household of stuff I'd hold off. I've bought a few used...
  9. Aquakitty

    Help: Use of Representative IMM5476 Missing

    What'd you put under "Current country of residence" ? If your wife has a UCI number you can upload it. It's technically a form for the applicant, not the sponsor.
  10. Aquakitty

    Please help! Application returned. No status

    You don't need a lawyer. I assume you are visa-exempt if you have an IEC? Because the IEC is not extendable it would not give you implied status as a worker. It does give you implied status as a visitor. Yes of course you apply for restoration from inside Canada. If you weren't in Canada you...
  11. Aquakitty

    Please help! Application returned. No status

    Was it an IEC? If so, you would have had to quit anyways as they aren't extendable, so technically the OWP application would not give you implied worker status. You need to apply for restoration of status along with the OWP.
  12. Aquakitty

    Question: common-law application proof of relationship

    You could always try asking the old landlord to write you an "agreement" stating you lived there for 7 months. It doesn't specifically state you need to have a lease that's at least 12 months in length so your current lease should be fine. I know it's implied, however; you don't need a...
  13. Aquakitty

    CIC and my 6 months.

    Wow, you've had some misinformation. Even if you didn't apply inland with the OWP, and instead applied outland (in the past, outland was much faster for Americans) you could just renew your visitor status online. You never have to go to the border. It's something I never recommend you do as the...
  14. Aquakitty

    Hello everyone I need help please

    What do you mean "we can't open"? So, did the officer say you have an error in your forms? It's not very clear what you are trying to say. How did the interview go?
  15. Aquakitty

    Right or PR Fee

    There's always going to be a delay for anything they need to request from you. It's not much of one though. I think you can upload the receipt using MyCIC which could help since it's "realtime".
  16. Aquakitty


    If you mailed or used the case-specific enquiry form, you won't get a confirmation. You might get an "acknowledgement" email from the CSE, I'm not sure. Have you linked your app to MyCIC(GCkey)? If you upload documents through that, there is a status line for "Review of submitted documents". I...
  17. Aquakitty

    Refugee From US first steps

    Well, think about this a little bit. You are a multi-millionaire from a first-world country. You can move anywhere you want in your country, perhaps to somewhere more welcoming. I can say that while Canada is generally less "oppressive" than the US, there is still racism and homophobia galore...
  18. Aquakitty

    PR Application for my son's Sponsorship RETURNED! PLEASE HELP!

    Is your spouse not included as a sponsor on the forms? If you made it seem like you are the only one sponsoring, then that's probably why they requested this form.
  19. Aquakitty

    Spousal sponsorship

    Were any forms attached to the email? Are you using a representative or have someone other than you requesting information?
  20. Aquakitty

    US outland applicants' thread :)

    The only way to know is to contact your bank, but chances are pretty much nil. I've also heard of people transferring the loan to the Canadian division of their bank.