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    Entering canada with expired PR card via land border

    In regards to DL, it depends on the province. In BC, you need the following primary ID to get one: You can see this for yourself by completing this wizard: https://apps.icbc.com/licensing/id_wizard/page1.asp So no dice without a PR card. You are not allowed to drive with your US license for...
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    Entering canada with expired PR card via land border

    General principle is to only reveal information if asked, and only to the extent necessary to answer any questions. Be truthful, but don't reveal anything extra. Having said that, when you get to secondary it will most likely be because of a suspicion that you do not meet the RO. Once they have...
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    Entering canada with expired PR card via land border

    You have a high risk of being sent to secondary no matter what because you don't have a valid PR card anymore. Don't think the amount of luggage will make a a difference for this consideration. Once in secondary, any evidence you can show that you are permanently moving to Canada should be a...
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    PR card renewal through online application

    Open the developer console in your browser (e.g. cmd + option + c on MacOS), navigate to network tab, then perform an operation on the PR portal, e.g. log-in. You should see one or multiple objects named "cases". Click on it to see its contents.
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    PR card renewal through online application

    PR card application timeline: - Applied Feb 17, 2024 - Urgency requested for travel in April 24 - Card received Feb, 27 2024 Some observations: - Online portal still shows "submitted" - Was not able to link to GC Key - Payload of "cases" object (in dev console) showed "Completed" from the the...
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    Proof of time abroad with Canadian Citizen Spouse

    What do you mean you don't have sufficient evidence for the 730+ days you spent in Canada? They are only asking for two documents as evidence, and if you've lived in Canada it shouldn't be too difficult to produce them? Bank statements, tax returns, payslips, rental agreements, etc. If you can...
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    PR Card expiry?

    Sure, but why wait. If he needs to travel for an emergency it’d be good to have it…
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    PR Card expiry?

    No, it doesn't mean that all. If the person you are referring to meets the residency requirement, there won't be an issue.
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    Only 1 year left in my PR card. Can I enter Canada?

    My take on these: 1) Does not matter - there is no data on this, and anecdotal evidence is useless. 2) Would recommend having a written document that outlines your H&C reasons as well as supporting evidence. This is something to present at secondary inspection only (not primary), and they will...
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    PR card renewal while living abroad with canadian Child

    No, it won't count. You will not get credit for days spent abroad unless you fall into the categories mentioned in the link you shared.
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    PR card renewal - Advisable to wait for spouse to meet 730 days RO??

    Each PR card application is assessed individually, not on a per family basis. You can proceed with your application when you meet the RO, and so can your spouse when she does. No need to wait.
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    Moving Back to Canada but not meeting RO

    Some incorrect advice here. You are in breach of the residency obligation, so that means they can start the process of revoking your PR at the border. Whether or not they will is a different question, but as I have posted in another thread - people with valid PR cards do get reported for failing...
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    Only 1 year left in my PR card. Can I enter Canada?

    I disagree that there won't be any issue for sure. You are currently in breach of your residency obligation, assuming you haven't lived in Canada since the date you first landed sometime in 2019/2020. Note the landing date matters for the five-year count, not the date the card was issued. It...
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    PR Card Renewal Before Meeting RO: My Experience

    Thank you for updating us here - this will be useful for people in a similar situation.
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    Never Used Canada PR (Expiring on March2024 ) and now wanted to Visit Canada on Tourist Visa in July

    Either renounce your PR status or travel to Canada in a private vehicle. If you do the latter, it’s possible you may be questioned about your RO compliance and a report may be written about your non-compliance. Even if that happens, you will be allowed to enter Canada. But you may face delays...
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    Proof of Residency for PR Renewal

    As far as I am ware, as long as your wife is in Canada when renewing the PR card and she fulfils all the other requirements, there should not be an issue. What could happen though is that she will be asked to pick up the card in person, which might obviously be a big hassle. @armoured is...
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    Proof of Residency for PR Renewal

    For the time period that your wife is actually resident in Canada (i.e. before you leave), use any of the two documents above. If your wife applies for PR card renewal in 2025 and she meets the residency obligation by then, nothing else is required. Since you are a Canadian citizen and your...
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    Proof of Residency for PR Renewal

    I don't fully understand what you want to do. How long has your wife lived in Canada? Are you a Canadian citizen? When are you planning on leaving, and for how long?
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    PR card renewal not meeting 5 year RO

    Can only emphasises what others have said before: PR card or PRTD applications that rely on H&C have a high threshold for being approved. The success rate is not very high from anecdotal evidence in this forum, as well as a cursory review of cases on CanLii. You should avoid making such an...
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    Renew PR card before travel

    Yes, you can travel with your existing PR card up until its expiration date. However, I don't see any issue with applying for a new PR card now as you can hold on to the old one until you get the new one. But you can also wait until you're back from your trip if you don't need to travel again...