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  1. mashhur

    Anyone had experience a child entering Canada without visa?

    Family is out of Canada and parents have proper LMIA+Work Permit + Counterfoil (for 7 years). They have been leaving in Canada for more that 3years. But their kids passport got expired and they went back to home country to renew (couldn't renew within Canada). They now renewed and applied for...
  2. mashhur

    Trv for dependent( daughter on visitor record)

    Same boat and I just sent paper based application. Some of my friends had experience with this case. If your daughter has a valid visitor record you can file but online does not generate correct form, so you need to file by paper. Hope this helps!
  3. mashhur

    TRV From Inside Canada - Normal Processing Time Has Passed

    I filed paper based TRV (for my daughter) and it was received on Aug. 10. Still no any progress. Does anyone know what to do? Processing time shows 34 days but it has been already 40days. I linked it to my GC account and it says application is under process and they notify if any update happens...
  4. mashhur

    How to apply TRV for children from inside Canada ?

    any updates on this case? I am on a same boat.
  5. mashhur

    In how many days I should leave if Visitor Record refused.

    Hi, I just got a refusal for my child's visitor extension. I wonder in how many days we should leave Canada? I don't understand the Refusal Letter that somehow says "I can restore in 90 days or leave immediately" which is very confusing. We don't have an embassy in Canada (you maybe thinking...
  6. mashhur

    BC PNP - Change employer after nomination

    Hi, Could you plz tell: what happened with your EE during the 3 months? Did you tell IRCC that you 'changed job and informed BC PNP'? Any help is highly appreciated!
  7. mashhur

    BC PNP - Change employer after nomination

    Hi bro, How did it go well? We would really appreciate if you share some details. Thanks.
  8. mashhur

    Ask my employee for LMIA

    CEC draw is not happening or will not happen for the 6month, better to target PNP.
  9. mashhur

    Changing job during the PNP PR process.

    Wow, seems no one had such case. Some updates: I went through BC PNP guide and it seems I can change "employer" of my nomination since I keep eligibility. Only caveat is, new company cannot provide "Municipal business licence" because they are using WeWork co-working space. BC PNP asks this doc...
  10. mashhur

    Changing job during the PNP PR process.

    Hi all, Wonder if someone had a similar experience or can give advise for the following case: - I got BC PNP nomination have submitted PNP EE PR application. - Now the situation is, I need to change my job. New company is working on LMIA (NOC is same with current employer and I have full time...
  11. mashhur

    Have 1 year experience at one company, moving to new company. Will it be an issue when apply for PR with CEC?

    I have lil over one year experience as a full time employee. I am thinking to move to other company (have multiple offers in IT industry), I will submit my application once I move to new job. For now, I have opened EE profile and filling application. There is an option says "have you been...
  12. mashhur

    Can I work while waiting my PR?

    Can someone explains me why we should apply in 4 months of expiration? Also, do I need an offer when applying for BOWP? Thanks.
  13. mashhur

    Can I work while waiting my PR?

    Thanks @kartikj001, All are usful info!
  14. mashhur

    Can I work while waiting my PR?

    @kartikj001 , that's terrible! Is it even after you submit and get acknowledgement letter?
  15. mashhur

    Can I work while waiting my PR?

    Thanks for the answers @scylla, My work permit has more than 4month validity. How did you know 4months? I haven't seen on gov websites. Also, why layoff vs volunteer resignation matters? Thank you!
  16. mashhur

    Can I work while waiting my PR?

    I see, thanks. One more clarification: When applying for BOWP, I shouldn't be working, right? (Now resignation is under process and also hoping to get ITA next week).
  17. mashhur

    Can I work while waiting my PR?

    Wow sounds good! Thank you so much. Do you know how much time does it take BOWP get approved (normally)?
  18. mashhur

    Can I work while waiting my PR?

    I have filed all docs for CEC and waiting for ITA. Currently holding closed work permit but I lost my job. Wonder if I can work while waiting for my PR? How much time usually does CEC PR take?
  19. mashhur

    Can I use foreign ID card instead passport for Medical check?

    Hi everyone, I need to travel with family to Canada from South Korea and my nationality is non-Korean. So, we all hold Korean ID card/PR (valid for 10 years) and passports from origin country. However, baby's passport is gonna be expire soon (a month left). Of course we get new passport later...