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  1. canuck_in_uk

    Closed Work Permit Issue and PR application

    Why would you think that make you fail a background check? It's just a clerical error and won't have any effect on your app.
  2. canuck_in_uk

    Passport validity to board flights

    Possibly but I can't say for sure.
  3. canuck_in_uk

    Work permit extension for spouse of post graduate work permit holder

    Same form. Follow the tool and it will say what is needed. Note that you need a skilled job and 3 payslips for your spouse to qualify for an OWP based on your PGWP. Flagpoling is not essential right now, so no going to the border.
  4. canuck_in_uk

    Spousal sponsorship

    You can't have overlaps. Put them on a separate sheet.
  5. canuck_in_uk

    Spousal sponsorship

    You need to show how you will support yourselves in Canada without welfare.
  6. canuck_in_uk

    Sponsor income

    The PA has visitor status and can't work. The list in their post says that they have a letter from the parents providing financial support. They have also said in previous posts that they have finances in place.
  7. canuck_in_uk

    International Student Inquiry

    No one can tell you how long it will be.
  8. canuck_in_uk

    need clarifications with applying for study permit within canada

    You are submitting an out of Canada app but still have to list your current address, which is in Canada. You can write a letter if you want.
  9. canuck_in_uk

    Study permit extension and Work Off-campus

    You can't work, as you are no longer on a scheduled break from your program. You can take more classes and apply for an extension.
  10. canuck_in_uk

    BOWP - temporary worker who lost the job

    You shouldn't have any issues entering. CBSA won't know your job status. If CBSA asks any questions, you can show proof of your PR app and explain you will be applying for a BOWP.
  11. canuck_in_uk

    need clarifications with applying for study permit within canada

    1. Of course you can't hide the fact that you are in Canada. Hiding something in an immigration app = immigration fraud. 2. Biometrics and medical can be done in Canada.
  12. canuck_in_uk

    Spousal Sponsorship (Few questions)

    1. No. If she didn't get a stamp in her passport or a Visitor Record, she can stay 6 months and can apply before that to extend her stay to remain longer. 2. You just give her entry date and explain she didn't get a stamp on entry. If she came by plane, you can include a copy of the ticket...
  13. canuck_in_uk

    PR Card renewal Form- IMM 5444

    1. 5 years from now. 2. You didn't remain out of Canada for 3 years for vacation, so you really should be putting a more accurate reason.
  14. canuck_in_uk

    Changing of child last

    Of course.
  15. canuck_in_uk

    Job offer for NOC 2282, LMIA exempt or not?

    1. After the ban is over, it is not a reason for refusal. You can't apply for only yourself. 2. No one can tell you your chances. You need to go calculate your CRS and see where you stand. 3. No, a PGWP can't be extended.
  16. canuck_in_uk

    Sponsor income

    With family support, a plan, savings and employability, there is pretty much no chance of IRCC having concerns or this poster having to provide more financial information.
  17. canuck_in_uk

    Changing of child last

    As long as the child's name is legally changed, it's fine.
  18. canuck_in_uk

    Passport validity to board flights

    In the past, there was no pandemic. You are banking a lot on being able to renew your passport in less than a month in Canada. If you don't have a new passport before your study permit expires, you won't be able to apply for an extension and will end up out of status.
  19. canuck_in_uk

    Student expulsion

    Schools are supposed to report on enrolment to IRCC. It's quite possible that the school has or soon will report his expulsion and that his study permit will be cancelled.