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    **********CEC September 2021 AOR**********

    Here Im ….Aor 23June 2021…Medical Expired… Criminality Under Process… Still No Update Rn
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    CEC Applicants - MAY 2021 - timeline & updates

    Same Bro… My vo is Edmonton… 11 months passed rn Nothing yet any update
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    **********CEC September 2021 AOR**********

    I’ve contacted my local mp last 4 weeks ago. That time criminality was under processing. After That She Didn’t gave any Response.How I Can Receive my final decision please suggest.
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    **********CEC September 2021 AOR**********

    Hey Guys My Aor was 23 June 2021, Vo Edmonton, Still Im waiting for my portal mail.What should I do Guys Please give suggestions. Thanks In advance
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    Anyone Who is Still Waiting For PR Confirmation From June 2021 Join Us

    Hey Guys… Join If Your Aor Was june 2021 So We can Share Our Info and Support
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    CEC applications assigned to AB14712

    Do u know your vo?
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    VO OFFICE EDMONTON 2022 slow

    Do you got any update?
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    VO OFFICE EDMONTON 2022 slow

    My AoR was june 2021 and criminality is under processing and still waiting from long time… Vo Edmonton
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    Vo Edmonton-June Aor 2021-Join

    Anyone Who’s File is being proceed in Edmonton Vo Please Join
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    New PR confirmation portal

    Your timeline?
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    Vo Edmonton-June AoR2021-Updates

    Hey Guys If Someone’ AoR was june 2021 And Vo is Edmonton Please Join This Thread And Share Updates… And Any Someone From June Got Any approval Or what’s current timeline pf your file Please Share With Each Other
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    CEC Applicants - MAY 2021 - timeline & updates

    We Can Feel Your Pain Bro… Mine Is June Aor … Im Waiting For portal mail