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    Family visitor visa

    Short answer: No As an adult who has been working since 20+ years, your personal situation will be evaluated. You are not a minor nor a dependent on your dad. Considering you're employed in a family-managed business, hope you are able to demonstrate exceptionally strong employment ties...
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    Super visa

    Yes, they can apply for a regular TRV. That said, the visa office will decide whether or not to allow this change. BTW your in-laws should have applied for TRVs instead of super visas if they were unable to stay for beyond a couple of months. And, another point: Stating that they want to see...
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    Mom Visitor Visa Rejected because of VFS Office Mistake

    Are you sure your mom has two visa applications in process (one rejected, of course)? Based on your post, it seems like she has only one application ii.e. the online application. And, she has been refused for that online visa application for not providing her biometrics
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    Adding documents for submitted applications

    The visa office may/may not consider any additional documents. But, you can try especially if you would like to avoid any possibility of a misrepresentation ban. Certainly your country of residence has a notary public or any other authority that administers oaths
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    I need advice.

    You'll need a new passport with a longer passport validity before you apply for a visa
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    Supporting Documents for Visitor Visa

    1. They can include your birth certificate or their passports (assuming it states their names as spouses) 2. Yes + their financial documents 3. Yes
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    Parent Visitor Visa Help - No ITR, No Properties

    I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. It must have been so difficult for you. Thanks so much for your advice
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    Do I Need Certified Copies for Online Application

    You should contact your local VFS/Visa Application Centre. They would know these specific requirements
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    My dad TRV Refused

    1. Your dad does not legally own the property. No, he cannot include it in his application. 2. What ties can your dad demonstrate to India? Do post the list of documents that he submitted. 3. What is the source of the funds in his bank account? Was it earned by him or transferred/borrowed...
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    Adding documents for submitted applications

    IMM 5409 has nothing to do with the financial aspects of your visit. You must declare your relationship status/common-law relationship. Failure to declare could be considered as misrepresentation. The delay in a visa decision could be due to any reason.You must inform your local visa office...
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    TRV paper application - need your suggestions

    The mode of applying has little/no impact on the decision. It's the quality of the paperwork (documents, evidence, etc) that affect a visa decision. It's not advisable to book tickets prior to being granted visas. Unfortunately, there's no way to expedite a decision. You'll probably need to...
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    My Canada visa refused with invitation letter

    1. Do you have employees? An office? Audit reports and profit/loss statements? Customer lists? etc etc 2. Usually properties bought with income earned by the applicant would count as genuine property ownership, not those that have been gifted. Also, an architect is not the right person to...
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    Parent Visitor Visa Help - No ITR, No Properties

    Thanks so much for your condolences and also for your best wishes for my dad's recovery. I truly appreciate these kind thoughts in this difficult phase
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    Parent Visitor Visa Help - No ITR, No Properties

    Thanks so much, @k.h.p. It's really kind of you
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    Parent Visitor Visa Help - No ITR, No Properties

    It probably would have been easier to accept the situation had it been a car accident. IMO, my mom passed away due to a traumatic medical procedure that induced a massive heart attack. She had no heart problems nor any other medical conditions. And, she was gone in just 45 minutes. It's so so...
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    Need Help to ReApply

    1. Wanting to visit with the intention to immigrate contradicts the purpose of a TRV/visit visa. This refusal is pretty common and we've seen it often. 2. What immigration path did you take to immigrate to Turkey? 3. Applicants are usually advised to apply from the country where they can...
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    Visa refusal twice

    1. Have you attended similar seminars in other visa-required countries? Why Canada? 2. Your previous travel history? 3. Did you prove that your business is a financial incentive for you to return to your home country? Profitable business? When was it incorporated? Do you have employees? An...
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    Parent Visitor Visa Help - No ITR, No Properties

    1. Would they be visiting relatives/friends in the US? Or purely as tourists? 2. Do your grandparents live at the same address as your parents? Do they have any serious medical conditions? Doctors' appointments, medical reports, medical insurance, etc? 3. Nope. The money you remit will not...
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    Parent Visitor Visa Help - No ITR, No Properties

    Thanks so much. Fingers crossed he does
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    I Commited misrepresentation, what should i do?

    What were you untruthful about? All applications are stored electronically. Your previous application will be accessed when you reapply