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    share you timeline for getting eCoPR/PR card approved in PR Confirmation Portal

    Hi guys. my address got approved on 30 sept and my photo got approved on 22 oct. Portal shows closed and accepted . I linked my profile with cic account and it shows approved there since 7 oct and under document it shows pr card validity. Now my question is will i get any message in cic account...
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    I do have study permit which is expiring on 31 march 2020. But i think it won’t be valid then right? Because it expires after 90 days of study completion
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    Hi pls help. i applied my work permit on 3 sept and my student visa on passport is till march 2020. I am going to india in jan 2020 for a month. Now i have two questions 1- In case my pgwp gets approved do i have to get TRV again before leaving (my existing trv is till march 2020) 2- In case my...