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    Grandfather born in Canada - just a child when the law changed -am I still eligible for citizenship?

    Am I the only one who is really curious to know how it ends :D?
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    eligibility period for citizenship?

    This is obviously incorrect. The official website is quite clear, this isn't the case. Adults [...] must have been physically present in Canada for at least 1095 days during the five years right before the date you sign your application. The original poster has enough days of presence in...
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    April 2018 - Citizenship Applicant

    Please update the spreadsheet - the exam date was moved to 3 December.
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    Electronic police certificate with a digital signature for a Canadian citizenship application

    What if the country in question, recognizing that we are in freaking 2018, only issued certificates in this format? I will submit, explaining the situation. If everyone just does things "as they have always been done", nothing will ever change! I'm surprised some people are not still writing...
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    April 2018 - Citizenship Applicant

    Invitation received on 9 October, test 7 November.
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    How long does it take to update Nexus after I receive Canadian citizenship?

    Wtf!! My record was updated within minutes, but the took the card from me and told me I would need to request a new one. I really don't understand why I couldn't continue using the old card in the meantime. I hope on Sunday I won't have to wait forever to get back into Canada. Really pissed me off.
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    How long does it take to update Nexus after I receive Canadian citizenship?

    I guess it probably depends on your original nationality. If you are American, then there is no problem since American citizens are entitled to be NEXUS member without Canadian citizenship or residency. In my case, however, I was told that I was eligible to be a NEXUS member only as PR of...
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    Just an update on the situation: I did as described, and it was all very smooth, with one minor glitch. I applied for the special authorization 10 days before my flight, but because my application was filed in the morning and my flight was in the evening, my first application was refused because...
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    How long does it take to update Nexus after I receive Canadian citizenship?

    I just went today to the NEXUS office to update my file as soon as I received my first Canadian Passport. They told me that the physical card needs to be reprinted since the citizenship needs to be updated. That sucks because not only I have to pay $25 for a new card, but I will remain two weeks...
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    How long does it take to update Nexus after I receive Canadian citizenship?

    But if you are not listed as Canadian in NEXUS, you would not qualify for PreCheck in the US. That would be a huge down side for me.
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    Just an update in case anyone is interested in the topic. I took my oath on Wednesday 22nd August and I had a trip already planned to New York on 24th with therefore no chance of obtaining a Canadian passport on time. The agent at the oath asked me if I was traveling within the following 2 weeks...
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    How to handle no stamps on passport for EU citizen

    No disrespect to anyone, but it just baffles me that some people give so much importance to passport stamps when a growing number of countries do not even bother stamping passports any longer.
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    Montréal Applicants Oct. 2017 after C6

    I took my oath on Wednesday 22nd last week and became Canadian. There were 275 people from 54 different nations (morning session), it took us approximately 1 hour, and the lady officer asked all the children to move to the front to sing the national anthem. Thank you everyone for your help and...
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    i-94 Report

    It took me 3.5 months to DM, but then I received the oath invitation after a week. Best of luck.
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    Guarantor signs before ceremony date!

    Exactly. Good old Canada Post should be just fine for you!
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    How much processing time to get fresh/first Canada passport after grant of citizenship

    Urgent processing of the passport should not be a "privilege" you qualify for, considering you pay extra for it... Regardless of that, even the express procedure takes at least a week for new citizens: it takes 2-3 business day before your name is added to the registry and therefore you can...
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    So screw that 5%? I am not saying it should be for free: it should be an optional premium service that some people could select. Now, even if you want to throw $5000 at it, it can't be done.
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    That would be a very smart idea and I don't understand why they don't do it. Some people need their passport to work: as it stands it takes at least a working week from the oath day to when you obtain the passport, even if you apply for the urgent procedure which requires two working days. Is...
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    Sorry for cross-posting, but I am in a similar situation and have posted this yesterday in another thread asking for anyone who has had experience or knowledge of this. I got the invitation for the oath on 22 August, but I have a trip to the US planned for 24 August. There will be no chance to...