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  1. Peacekeeper87

    What would be your advice? Stay in GTA or move to windsor?

    *Forecasted population growth. *Affordability. *First time home buyers are looking to make bigger life changes for access to homes. *Big planned factories and industrial projects, and overall decreasing unemployment levels. *All leading to Windsor's economy expected to grow at a faster rate than...
  2. Peacekeeper87

    Canadian mortgage - 90 day parking rule

    I just re-read your comment, misunderstood your intention and what you were trying to say. Apologies. Yes there are a lot of sellers who have no problem waiting 90 days while buyer sorts out their things, especially in the current slow market conditions. OP is incorrect indeed about no seller...
  3. Peacekeeper87

    Canadian mortgage - 90 day parking rule

    You may be confusing this with a 90 day (Or X number of days) conditional period for a buyer to do their due diligence and get ready to close on a transaction. @moscatojuices is correct. As part of anti money laundering schemes and FINTRAC compliance, banks are allowed to disregard any monies...
  4. Peacekeeper87

    What would be your advice? Stay in GTA or move to windsor?

    As a Realtor in the area, let me give you my thoughts on this. When looking at purchasing a home, you shouldn't focus solely on "bang for your buck". You have to keep in mind resale value and appreciation. The reason real estate is so expensive in the GTA is because of soaring demand for...
  5. Peacekeeper87

    October 2022 Citizenship Applications

    Application Type: ONLINE Location: Toronto ON Physical Presence Days: 1,106 No of Applicants: 2 (2 adults) Application sent: October 11, 2022 Application delivered: N/A (Online) AOR: October 31, 2022
  6. Peacekeeper87

    Doc Preparation before ITA. Reference Letter from previous emp and PCC .

    Oh you should definitely mention it. The rules clearly state that they need to be a supervisor or manager. If they're not, and your file is selected for extensive extra scrutiny, you may face some trouble. Clearly explain why you weren't able to have your manager/supervisor sign the letter...
  7. Peacekeeper87

    NOC 1123 (Please help! Does this fit?)

    3 out of 7 is a bit short. You should aim for at least 1 or 2 more... But in worst case scenario, you should just use the second job if that gives you enough points, which I assume has the right duties mentioned in the letter.
  8. Peacekeeper87

    Can post graduate program not recognized by WES entered in to Express entry profile?

    No need to mention it. Just don't try to claim points for it in your application.
  9. Peacekeeper87

    Is this a scam

    If you ask yourself the question "Is this a scam", then it most probably is...
  10. Peacekeeper87

    Application Processing

    Hard to tell really. You'll have to either contact them directly to make sure everything is in order, or you can order GCMS notes to look at the exact details of your application.
  11. Peacekeeper87

    Steps after DECLINED ITA

    What do you mean "I can’t find Any option to create a new profile again"? It's right there. You don't need to create a new GCKey. Profile withdrawals are common. You just first need to make sure it's successfully withdrawn. I'm aware this may seem obvious, but there isn't much else to it really...
  12. Peacekeeper87

    Landing Experience in YYZ Toronto Pearson Intl - April 2019

    You'll most probably won't have a permanent address at time of landing, and they know that. You will of course be asked for an address in Canada, but it's perfectly fine to say that it's a friend's/temporary address, and they'll say that it's just fine. Even when you move out of that permanent...
  13. Peacekeeper87

    PPR: How to never miss the Golden email (Gmail & Hotmail users)

    Not sure about icloud, but basically just look for filters to setup.
  14. Peacekeeper87

    Renewing PR card

    You haven't been to Canada at all since you got your PR Card? (Apart from when you went to do your landing). If so, then you will not be able to show that you met your residency obligations (2 years in each period of 5 years starting the day you became PR), because you'll be moving in second...
  15. Peacekeeper87

    Two job roles in one company

    No change in NOC means no change in required duties. So it's basically the same job in the eyes of Immigration. Job title doesn't matter. So because it's identical NOC in both positions you mentioned, you can use the same document for both, but just make sure the dates mentioned in your letter...
  16. Peacekeeper87

    CoPR says Vancouver as city of destination but land elsewhere

    If you're landing in Toronto, you could give any address you want in any province.
  17. Peacekeeper87

    PPR: How to never miss the Golden email (Gmail & Hotmail users)

    After Medicals Passed, it's likely you won't get any update at all. Even PPR email doesn't trigger any change at all in the account. It's changed to approved only when you submit your passport and they issue a CoPR.
  18. Peacekeeper87

    Medical exam

    It depends on what the surgery is for...