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    Is it a problem if i pass second class in engineering?

    Yes I have 67 selection points. i have also completed engineering 4 year degree.
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    Is it a problem if i pass second class in engineering?

    i am planning to apply for federal skilled workers program. i have completed engineering and passed in second class. is there a problem or the points for FSW will go down?
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    OCI process

    Bro what did you mention? Indian or canadian. i am in the same boat. please help.
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    Indian passport surrender

    Myself and my wife both got the canadian citizenship and the passport. Both of us are surrendering our indian passport. what should i mention in spouse nationality. is it indian or canadian because she got the canadian citizenship?
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    2020 dec applicant pending with parentage

    Hi, I applied for citizenship back in dec 2020 for myself, my wife and my kid. We wrote the exam and our application is pending on citizenship ceremony. Where are my kids application is still showing application filled and no progress for him. i also applied for RTI request and they sent...
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    December 2020- Citizenship Applicants

    My kids application is still pending. I applied dec 2020. There is no progress. However my application says decision made. Waiting for oath. I also applied for RTI it says pending with parentage. However my application is completed. How to ask them to process my kids application. Please help
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    February 2020 - Citizenship Applicants

    Hi Admin, Could you please update the spreadsheet with my information? Location: Limoges, ON App Sent: Jan30, 2020 App Received: Feb 03, 2020 (signed by AD) Type of application: Family. 2 Adult 2 kids Physical presence: 1295 days
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    Language Requirement Eligibility

    Hi, I have completed B.Tech from India and i do have the certificate of my degree in english. But it doesnt mention that i have completed my degree in English. Is that a problem? Do i have to get it WES certified? or this is enough?
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    CSQ candidate , Can i register a incorporation ?

    Hi, I recently got my CSQ and also applied for the permanent resident. During this process time is it possible for me to register an incorporation?
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    Waiting for PR Card after landing - add your case here

    which phone number i have to call and check. i landed on march18th. i got mine as well as my wife. But for my kid they asked for a new photo, i also sent the same by june7th. but i havent received his pr card yet. please share the phone number to check
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    February 2014 Applicants

    HI, Thanks for help. I renewed my passport and submitted it. I also got my COPR and visa stamped in the passport. Can i work in montreal after landing in toronto. Is that possible or do i need the CSQ ?
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    February 2014 Applicants

    Hi, I got email today 29Oct2015 from immigration to submit my passport for permanent resident visa. But my passport is about to expire on 1st May 2016. Which left exactly six months for renewal. But they mentioned in the mail stating " Passports must be valid for at least 6 months and have at...
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    February 2014 Applicants

    I got the number to call from outside. Its +1 613 944 4000. This number will redirect to 1 (888)-242-2100 Due to high volume of calls they didnt connect me to any executive. :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
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    February 2014 Applicants

    I am sorry. Actually i am outside Canada now. will you please provide the number which i can call from outside canada. I am in India. when i try the number it says "Please check the number and dial again. "
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    February 2014 Applicants

    Will you please provide the contact number for CEC ?
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    February 2014 Applicants

    Cic requested them. After that only i had done them.
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    February 2014 Applicants

    Hi, I am also a feb 2014 applicant. i had done with the medicals and also paid the RPRF fees. But after that i didnt even get any updates. What should i do. Application Received : 12 February 2014 Medicals done:16 September 2014 RPRF Fees Paid: 07 November 2014 Amount Paid : 980$ CAD paid...
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    February 2014 Applicants

    HI, I had done my medicals by november. Paid the RPRF fees as well by november. Requested by immigration for additional info and that too sent by december. Still no response after that.What should i do. As well as we have seperate file number for myself my son and my wife. Is it a problem...
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    February 2014 Applicants

    Hi, I applied for PR on 3rd feb 2014. I have done medicals and also paid the RPRF fees as well. I have added my new born son application on October 2014. His medicals also done by November 2014 . Then i got email for "Please provide written evidence that you intend to live in a different...