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    September 2022 - Citizenship Applicants

    As a general advice please don't reschedule, do everything you can to meet their timelines
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    September 2022 - Citizenship Applicants

    Normally you can request permission to take the test from outside Canada, but the oath has to be when you are in Canada.
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    October 2021 - Citizenship Applications

    Congrats!! Did you tell them about your travel plans and request urgent processing? What are you planning to do in case it doesn't arrive in time?
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    October 2021 - Citizenship Applications

    I'm curious about current citizenship timelines. Which office was that for oath?
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    September 2020 - Citizenship Applicants

    Hope you get your ceremony invite soon! Keep us posted when you do get that.
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    Which passport to submit for PPR?

    I suspected that it won't matter, just wanted to confirm. Thanks a lot!
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    Which passport to submit for PPR?

    After recieving PPR, if a person has two citizenships. Can they submit any of the two passports? The main one is under renewal, and the other has lots of spare time.
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    Canadian Passport - Mail-In Application Timelines

    I'm curious what they were waiting for you to choose, can you please share this?
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    October 2021 - Citizenship Applications

    Did they request your passport scans? If so, when?
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    July 2021 *Outland* Spousal Sponsorship

    Wrong thread and forum.
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    With the backlogs it's anywhere from 1 month to sometimes 1 year.
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    PR application moved to Niagara office from Mississauga office

    Do you have any concerns about your health or medical test?
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    PR application moved to Niagara office from Mississauga office

    Most of the time it's because of workload redistribution.
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    Question on passport copy request

    Hi: I got a request for a copy of all passports held during eligibility period, but I'm not sure if in my case it would make sense to only send one passport instead of the two that I had. Here's why; only one of them was valid during my time in Canada. Here's the timeline to explain...
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    Anyone stuck in Spousal PR security check over 1 year (not criminality but security background check) Please join here

    I know of a similar situation where the PA has received pre-arrival and after that has been in Background checks for 10 months. Nothing but dead silence and nothing noteworthy on their GCMS notes. They're still waiting.
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    how to prepare for citizenship and pass

    Firstly, read the book The book can be read in 2:30 hours. You can listen to it if you prefer. This is the official audiobook and someone has kindly put the pages in a video to follow along. After you are done reading the book at least twice, I would recommend you use this app to review...
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    Police certificate for past countries

    Yeah I'd say get a police certificate for both the main country of residence and any country with over 6 months (bear in mind it doesn't have to be continuous, so if you visited 6 times each time for 1 month that also counts)
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    Many months and no DM after pre-arrival

    If it's of any help, the medicals in this case will expire in 5 months.
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    Many months and no DM after pre-arrival

    Hey everyone, Happy Canada Day! :) I have a spousal outland application that is a few days away from reaching 12 months in process. By the end of the first 5 months it reached pre-arrival then it got transferred to Ottawa and the last 7 months have been complete silence. GCMS notes show...
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    SPOUSAL Sponsorship PAKISTAN @ London Visa Office

    Wait how does this make sense? If 80% needed 23 months then only 20% are different (shorter or much longer!). What do you mean most are shorter?