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    FSW 2014 applicants from Nigeria - Let's network

    Who has successfully evaluated their AAT certificate from ICAN(ABWA)? How did you do it? I've of cases it was reported that the transcript wasn't sent by the institute that conducted the exam which should be ICAN and not ABWA. Kindly help if yours was successful. Or reach out to me at...
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    RPA developer

    I got that, thanks. What noc code did you use for yours? I'm just a little bit confused on what to use
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    NOC code for RPA consultant

    Hi. What noc code did you eventually use in your application?
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    NOC Code for Robotic Process Automation(RPA) Developer

    Who Hi. What noc code did you eventually use for your application?
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    RPA developer

    Who has successfully gotten their PR as RPA developer and what noc code was used? I'm thinking 2283 or 2173.