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    US outland applicants' thread :)

    I posted this in the Settlement forum but it doesn't seem nearly so busy over there, plus I'm hoping more people in this thread have gone through the car import process. The part I'm still unsure about is the exporting from the US, specifically the documentation needed to go along with the ITN...
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    Exporting/Importing Vehicle - US to Canada ONLY!

    Thanks for this excellent post, has clarified things a lot! I'm still confused on one thing though, the documentation needed to go along with the ITN for the export from the US part of the process. For my wife's car, we have a Certificate of Title for Washington. However, the US CBP also...
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    My experience obtaining a visitors record (not so scary after all)

    My wife now has a Visitor Record and it was also not scary! She usually crosses the border using Nexus and often doesn't get asked how long she plans to stay. This time, with her wanting to visit for 6 months, sure enough, they asked. So they asked her a few more questions, then made her go into...
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    what if your job in US requires US drivers licence ?

    Unless you use an enhanced driver's licence in lieu of a passport when crossing the border, they're highly unlikely to ever look at your driver's licence. In BC, if I recall correctly, you have 6 months to switch your driver's licence and car insurance to BC if visiting, and 30 days if moving...
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    question about subsequent border crossing from the US after airport crossing

    hey everyone, As mentioned in previous posts, my American wife is planning to visit me for a longer time soon. The current situation is that she is in Canada right now after visiting her family in the southern US. When she returned, she put on her customs card that she is only planning to stay...
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    application returned IMM5476 please help

    if you are your own representative, do you even need to submit IMM 5476? As you point out, it says "if applicable". Just wondering since I'm working on the paperwork to sponsor my wife now and hadn't been planning to use this form!
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    Is visiting Canada for 6 months, 180 days exactly?

    the CIC site just says "6 months from the day you entered Canada" if there is no stamp in the passport, so the number of days will vary slightly depending on exactly what months fall in the range. I see no other interpretation that if you arrive on Nov 15, then leave by May 15 and not worry...
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    Question About Visiting Canadian Husband Prior To Sponsorship

    forgot to mention, for her PR application she has submitted fingerprints for a police check and we're working on the other paperwork now.
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    Question About Visiting Canadian Husband Prior To Sponsorship

    My American wife (married Oct 8) is in the same situation and is hoping to come up to Canada for a longer visit soon. Except I worry about her chances if she gets questioned. She crosses by car using Nexus and rarely actually gets asked how long she plans to stay. It has been very smooth since...
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    Urgent : I GOT THE PR

    all she can do is ask her manager or HR if the company is willing to do what is necessary to make an internal transfer possible.
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    Car in Canada

    No idea about Quebec, but in BC I went to an ICBC Autoplan agent and asked a bunch of questions about this stuff. You can register a car as a visitor and in BC, you actually have to get a BC licence and plates after visiting for more than 6 months if you're bringing a car in from out of...
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    My experience obtaining a visitors record (not so scary after all)

    Thanks for posting this, good to know! Any idea on what the prospects of getting a visitor's record are when you haven't yet applied for PR? My (American) wife and I were married on Oct 8 and she is currently waiting for her police check to be done. So far she's just been crossing using Nexus...
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    best way for my American girlfriend to move to Canada (establish common law)

    Thanks for the replies! And that's why we've been so confused... last time they stopped her at the border for extra questioning, the border guard told her she could avoid trouble like that by getting a "visitor visa." The guard told her that would allow her to come and go as she pleased as much...
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    best way for my American girlfriend to move to Canada (establish common law)

    hi everyone, I've been reading this forum for a while and have got some useful advice, but would like to share our scenario to get more specific information. Quick background: I was born in Canada and have fulltime employment, earning an above-average salary. My girlfriend is American. Our...