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    Kindly share your experience If you have applied for a WORK PERMIT from outside Canada in recent time... How fast are people getting response?
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    I'm a chef

    I'm a professional chef too and I applied for mine from Dubai, I can help you out on how to go about it if you want.
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    FSW 2014 applicants from Nigeria - Let's network

    I think the whole process is taking much time now. They are prioritizing those affected by war in Ukraine I assume. I have applied for a work permit from Accra office since February and it’s still pending till this time.
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    I would like to know if your LOA and WPSL includes your middle name, I received my nomination early this months but it only includes my given name and surname Kindly let me know if it was sent to you like this without middle name and if it won't be an issue after submission.
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    Paper based Accra Visa office 2019 downwards..lets connect

    I am a Nigerian living in Dubai, I Received my provincial nomination early this month under strategic recruitment plan and the company HR has advised me to go apply from Accra as it will take only 12 weeks or less but 48 weeks if I apply from Dubai.
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    Work permit delay in visa processing

    I am a Nigerian living in Dubai. I got my provincial nomination early this month under MPNP and my employer is still trying to figure out the best way and country where I could be so my work permit can be done in lesser weeks. UAE could take up to 35 weeks or more... kindly share with me if you...