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    June 2020 **Outland** Spousal Sponsorship

    You are not alone. I am still here too... waiting for them to begin the background check.
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    Eligibility Letter

    Question: Does IRCC still issue Eligibility Letters with language like the following: Dear Ms. : This letter acknowledges receipt of your application for permanent resident status in Canada. It has been determined that you meet the eligibility requirements to apply for permanent resident status...
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    *** September 2020 - Outland Spousal (Family Class) Sponsorship ***

    My wife’s file is with the London Visa Office also. We applied in June 2020. It really feels depressing sometimes especially since we decided that she should stay abroad (I am a Canadian citizen who moved back to Canada in September 2020 after 17 years overseas) where she is able to practice her...
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    Where is this information viewable? Is this information you get from an ATIP?
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    Eligibility status info

    While looking at the status for my wife’s application at the https://onlineservices-servicesenligne.cic.gc.ca/mycic dashboard page it shows: Review of eligibility We are reviewing whether you meet the eligibility requirements. However on the...
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    >>>>>>>JULY 2020 AOR<<<<<<< Join here

    During a recent inquiry to my MP's office (2 weeks ago), the reply I got back was due to the current events in Afghanistan all IRCC resources were redirected to support the individuals there in crisis. Therefore they were not responding to any inquiries on sponsorships nor, supposedly, deploying...
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    June 2020 **Outland** Spousal Sponsorship

    So, this is all very discouraging. It appears that IRCC is completely swamped and I wonder how many years it will take for my wife to get her residency so she can join me in Canada. We have been married for 9+ years and in a relationship for an additional 6 years. Anyone else at roughly the...
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    *** September 2020 - Outland Spousal (Family Class) Sponsorship ***

    For whatever it’s worth, word was that people were writing that they were getting their acknowledgment to applications sent in March already months ago. I called CIC today to inquire about my application sent in June (no acknowledgment received yet). The agent informed me that they are still...
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    JUNE 2020 Applicants please join here

    For those of you who have called, what number are you using? I tried using the number 1-888-242-2100 shown in the Contact Us section of the website but got a message that the number is not in service?
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    Outland application- change of situation

    Two months ago, we applied for an Outland Spousal sponsorship for my wife. I am returning to Canada in the Fall as a returning citizen as I have a job offer. Our Plan A, which we came up with long before the pandemic, was that my spouse would continue to work in the country where we live (we...
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    Processing time during COVID-19

    Hello, The CIC website states that under the current situation, all previous estimates for processing times are off the table, and to expect delays. I spoke with a friend who has a relative who sponsored her spouse in the previous year. She said that CIC acknowledged receipt of their...
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    Documents and Photocopies

    Hello, I am preparing and collecting documents for my wife's Permanent Residence application under the Family Sponsorship scheme. I recently sent a question to CIC about photocopies, but the reply I received didn't answer the question. According to the Document Checklist (Form IMM 5533), in...