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    July 2021 - Citizenship Applicants

    i was about to apply for my citizenship application and while entering my absense i realised that my exit stamps are stamped twice. one is 29th july 2021 and other is 92 july 2021. i think the immigration officer stamped a wrong date. upon realization he made it correct. is there going to be a...
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    Proof of Citizenship – Program Support Unit

    Sorry im replying a bit late. So this is what happened with me jan 18 i got a letter tht my infant daughters application is delayed and sent to a special unit. They send you this letter in aprox 6 months time. Thts how much time normally a proof of citizenship takes. I got my infants application...
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    Obtaining Certificate of Citizenship (by descent)

    Ok so i contacted the local m.p for my daughters proof of citizenship case and today i recieved an email frm m.p office that the citizenship cerrificate was printed today and mailed to my wifes address who is suppose to land in canada in july 26th 2018. How lond does it take to for the...
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    Facilitation Visa Question

    Same here. I applied for a visit visa which got denied and now i took some professional help and applied a facilitation visa on humanitatian grounds. Just eanted to know the timeline.
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    Proof of Citizenship – Program Support Unit

    Just curious. Im a canadania citizen. My wifes a p.r now. Ready to land in july. My infant daughters citizenship application was sent to support program. Recieved a letter in jan 2018. And its been more than 11 months since i applied to my daughtera citizenship. Wht is the timeline for my infant...
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    How to bring a newborn child of a PR resident to Canada

    Hi All, guys im stuck in a very critical matter . im a canadian citizen and applied for my wifes immigration on year after i got married along with the application of citizen of my new born child.so technically i had a baby quite early so i applied when she was of 4 months. 27th may i recieved...
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    SPOUSAL Sponsorship PAKISTAN @ London Visa Office

    Did u took an apointment or walked into gerrys. Also any fee paid on spot
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    SPOUSAL Sponsorship PAKISTAN @ London Visa Office

    So im a canadian citizen applied for spousal immigration as well as applied for citizenship of my infant daughter. Passport submitting request cam for my wife but my daughters case is still in process but my wife cant travel without my daughter. What are the options i can avail. Also for vfs...
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    New Delhi (NDVO) 2017 - Spousal Sponsorship Outside Canada

    Guys My wifes passport submittion request came and i submitted her passport yesterday. I have also applied my daughters passport application a year back. Last month i recieved an email that innitial scrutiny has been done and transfered to another department for final review as im a canadian...
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    Submitting passport request

    Hi guys. Today i recieved an email to submit my wifes passport for visa issueance. Im confused if i have to take an appointment with vfs to submit my passport. Also is there any fee involved as my consultant have already paid all visa fees while applying for immigration. Is there any processing...