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    Has anyone tried arriving by Land / Sea in Vancouver to complete PR process?

    Yes, I did that, no reason not to. Sidney doesn't get many immigrants, the guy who processed me said I was the first he'd seen in a few months, but it's perfectly feasible.
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    US SSN Credit and SIN Canada Credit

    I am in the exact same situation as you are. The unfortunate answer is, you get no credit at all. There is one situation in which you do: it is if somehow, at the end of your life, you've failed to accumulate 10 years for vesting. If that is the case, then your time worked in Canada could be...
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    Am i strong enough for H&C . i'm refugee since 4 yrs ago

    I suspect that no opinion here is worth anything -- it's impossible to tell from this whether you have been accepted, ever, as a refugee or not. My personal advice would be to collect as many details about your history as possible, and to go ask an immigration lawyer with a history of success...
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    new law changes from 4years to 3 years residency.

    Firstly, my idea doesn't matter. Of course it CAN be law in 2017. Second, when it's law doesn't matter either -- what matters is the implementation. That was my point.
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    new law changes from 4years to 3 years residency.

    Remember that if this law passes, there will be a period before it is implemented. This exact same thing happened in reverse 3-4 years ago when it changed from 3 to 4 years: everyone was aghast at how fast the parliamentary process moved, once it began, and then largely relieved when...
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    Should I settle in Canada? Is it worth it?

    When you live in a place like that, you become much more aware of things that we take for granted -- like growing up in a country where people tend to be pretty equal. My life would be more comfortable back in Thailand, but the society is pernicious.
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    Urgent help please. Unnecessary Medical testing.

    It is, you are correct -- there's nothing better than this culture. The one thing that can go wrong with it is that if your wife does not have a productive cough, they have to induce sputum collection. This isn't as accurate, and it's possible to get a sample that is mostly saliva and isn't...
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    Urgent help please. Unnecessary Medical testing.

    This isn't a comment on your case specifically -- there are likely two reasons for what's happening, which certainly seems excessive. The first of these is that TB is easy to diagnose positively, but it's hard to exclude, negatively. IRCC is trying to exclude it, not diagnose it. All tests...
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    Should I settle in Canada? Is it worth it?

    I don't know where this myth that the health system sucks came from (hint: USA) -- but it's not true. Looked at overall, Canada is middle-of-the-pack of countries that offer universal health care, which are the countries that have the best health outcomes overall. So at worst, it is...
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    Should I settle in Canada? Is it worth it?

    The thing is, the things that you describe are not advantages of 'India', because they're restricted to the middle class (or more likely, the wealthy). Look at what the poorest Canadian gets -- free health care, free education, extensive help -- and write here when you think services of that...
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    Should I settle in Canada? Is it worth it?

    Kateg is right, in my opinion -- the reason to move to Canada is not to become rich, but to live in a decent, safe country where everyone is equal. I was living with my in-laws in Thailand when we emigrated here; they're wealthy, our lives there were easier and better than they are here -- but...
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    Recommendation for Good Universities

    Anything is OK, if you can explain plausibly why it makes sense for you to take that course. There are no rules about higher education in Canada, and many people take non-traditional paths. They will look at whether the content of the course compliments what you have already done, and your...
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    PR profile - US visa deniel

    Just the truth -- CIC doesn't care. Be accurate, and brief. If you have what the US wrote, put it down: 'insufficient attachment to home country', or 'insufficient funds', whatever. If you don't know why, say so and then tell them what you think is most likely. People hate doing this, but...
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    Need Help! PR expires in 7 months. RO not met

    You can't renew your PR card until you've fulfilled the two-year obligation -- it would be a mistake to apply before that, it would likely lead to your PR being lost. However, if you enter Canada with an unexpired PR card, you can use it to obtain the other necessary documents that you need to...
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    Dual Citizen entering US

    Well, yeah -- that's true for everyone, including conservatives. Or do they believe in entitlements that people aren't entitled to?
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    Dual Citizen entering US

    Except SocCred is SocCred, not liberal.
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    Dual Citizen entering US

    Just for the record, Canadian health care policy originates from Saskatchewan and Alberta, hardly hotbeds of liberalism.
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    Citizenship for baby born outside of Canada

    This isn't an authoritative answer -- but I suspect that you can enter Canada with the child's birth certificate, and your own passport. This is usually possible until the kid is 2 years old. It might be a good idea to apply now for their citizenship to be recognized, and carry some proof that...
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    Dual Citizen entering US

    This is a good point -- since it currently costs a substantial amount of money, and has (I believe) quite the waiting list, the last thing the US government wants to do is provide an avenue for Americans to get rid of their citizenship quickly without paying the bill . . .
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    How to renew a foreign passport in Canada? Is this possible?

    The answers to this have nothing to do with Canada -- to find out, contact the embassy of the country whose passport you are renewing, and ask them.