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  1. itsmeParis

    CIC request to add more info re spouse

    Hello, We just received an email from the CIC and they are requesting for my spouse (my dependent) to fill out these Background Declaration form (IMM5669) and Additional Family info form (IMM5406). What does this mean? Why do they have to ask for more information re spouse. Short background...
  2. itsmeParis

    If you were to choose between Kitchener, Ont and Dartmouth, NS. Which city would you like to lived i

    We are actually planning of applying to migrate in Canada however, before we move further, we would like to know first which is the best between the two cities? and, why? As based on my understanding as an applicant we have to identify on the application in which city we first preferred to moved...
  3. itsmeParis

    Self Employed Inquiry - best place to live in Canada and why?

    Hello for Self employed I understand based from what I've read you do not need to work as a self employed rather you can start working in any profession. My question is, it is actually just a random question, if you were to choose which province you would like to first moved in? and, why? As we...