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  1. ahabaz92

    Past Arrest History Declaration - Statutory Questions - Criminal Background - Court Acquittal

    Dear Friends ! I would like to seek valuable advice/inputs and assistance on a post ITA declaration, where statutory questions are asked regarding the criminal background. About 10 years ago or even longer, my whole family was framed for 498 Dowry case in India, which was on my elder brother...
  2. ahabaz92

    Proof of Funds : Usage

    Hey ! I have a query that the amount we take for Proof Of Funds in the approved form, can a partial amount of it be used while travelling as cash and in forex cards or we need to separately take money apart from POF for our necessary expenses after landing?
  3. ahabaz92

    Is Police Clearance Certificate ( PCC) required for NRI's?

    Hello everyone ! I'd appreciate if somebody shed some light on this topic. I'm an NRI, staying abroad and just visit India once a year for a month or a few days for vacation. I would like to know if we still required a PCC from India or only the country I am working in now?