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    Importing car into Canada from USA

    I'm a PR of Canada living in USA. I'm moving in USA. Can I know how to import the car into Canada from USA?
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    Applying for Canadian PR, please advice

    My friend wants to apply for Canadian PR. He is an Indian National working in USA since 1998 as Software Engineer and he is on H1 visa 1)Does he need to take IELTS? When I applied in 2005, I did not take IELTS, I just submitted a written letter regarding my proficiency in English 2)Does he...
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    URGENT HELP,PMM please

    I'm a canadian PR living in USA (on H1-B and applied for US green card). I will be traveling every week from US to Canada on job. Will this make the Canadian immigration authorities (or US immigration authorities) question me or trouble me thinking that I have the intention of abandoning...
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    I'm on H1-B in Atlanta, USA and also a Canadian PR. I applied for 140 and 485 for my USA green card recently. I have got my Advanced Parole and EAD.My company based in Atlanta has got a new project in Toronto, CANADA. I need to travel to Toronto, Canada from Atlanta every week 1)Can I travel...
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    Tourist visa

    I'm a Canadian PR residing in US (on H1-B). My parents are in US on tourist visa.They want to visit Canada for a week. What is the procedure? How long it takes?
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    PR Visa.. Help

    Greetings everyone, I got my PPR today from NY consulate. Just curious, Does this means that my PR application is complete? For getting the PR visa on the passport ,I'm planning on sending my brother-in-law, (who resides right in NY) to New York Consulate to get the visa. What are the...
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    I have got my PPR. Thanks everybody for all the help esp ( PMM )
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    I found that my case status changed to "Medical results have been received" in the CIC E-client status check. I did my medicals in Arpil. Does it mean my applications is finalised or still some more checks pending.
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    Reply from NY consulate..Please help

    Folks, Applied -> Bufallo I did my medicals in April 2006 ( Reached Ottawa April 21 2006 ) and provided all other docs/fees in May 2006 . I did not hear from any office after that and few days back I emailed NY consulate and this is the reply Dear . XXX: Please be advised that your file seems...
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    RPRF returned.. Please help

    I got interview waiver in Feb 2006 and I submitted RPRF in May 2006 along with medicals and police certificate to NY consulate. And later , Canada slashed the RPRF to half. Now I have received the bank drafts for your RPRFs back from the Visa Office. They want me to resubmit Bank Drafts in...
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    PR Questions

    Posted - June 05 2006 : 15:09:41 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My application 1 Applied Buffallo Jan 2005 2 AOR Mar 2005 3 Interview waiver Feb 2006 4 Medicals done ( reached Ottawa April 21st 2006 ) Arpil 2006 5 Police certifates...
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    Folks Per this artice,, the points are going to be revised. Is is going to be good or bad ? I mean how will it effect skilled immigration ? Thanks
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    Procedure after Medicals ... Please Help

    I got my interview waiver letter in Feb 2006 ( Skilled PR Immigrant ) and they instructed me to go for medicals and police certs and asked me to pay some fees!!! USD $820. Got my medicals done in April 2006. Whats the procedure from now on and how much is remaining? How long it will take ...