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  1. VeronikaDd

    Uploading document question

    Hello! I was asked for additional document. I am wondering how to upload it because on the linked application i have an option "upload additional document" but on the letter stating which document and why they want me to send it at the bottom they gave a link to upload the document and its...
  2. VeronikaDd

    *JUNE 2019* INLAND Spousal Sponsorship

    We were requested because we have failed to add my husbands address while he was working in usa ..
  3. VeronikaDd

    Request for schedule a form

    Hello! Please help with advise because i am freaking out..cic requested us to add to his address history his visits to usa (because we have put in his work history that he worked there for 3-4 m ) however, the issue is that we cant remember few things from his work history and i did not made a...
  4. VeronikaDd

    *JUNE 2019* INLAND Spousal Sponsorship

    My timeline: Application received June 7th AOR July 13 OWP linked sept 10 OWP approved sept 20
  5. VeronikaDd

    *JUNE 2019* INLAND Spousal Sponsorship

    Hello!! We just got OWP approved !!! I am so happy and relieved.. We can only see the approval on the linked application but we are still waiting for an email with the details.. I hope that everyone will get the approval very soon
  6. VeronikaDd

    *JUNE 2019* INLAND Spousal Sponsorship

    Hello! I was just able to link the work permit . Application received :June 7th AOR :July 13 OWP linked 10 Sept
  7. VeronikaDd

    Work type with open work permit

    Hello! Can someone work as a correctional officer with an open work.permit? Thank you!
  8. VeronikaDd

    *JUNE 2019* INLAND Spousal Sponsorship

    Hello! Was anyone able to link the work permit application ? I have managed to link the sponsorship application so far..
  9. VeronikaDd

    ****MAY 2019 Inland Spousal PR + OWP****

    In my understanding once they give you the AOR number that indicates that the application is accepted and nothing is missing.. hm .. thats strange ..
  10. VeronikaDd

    *JUNE 2019* INLAND Spousal Sponsorship

    Hello! Application received June 7 AOR received July 13 Application linked July 30 Any ideas on how to link the work permit application? Is there any number for (like AOR) ? Thank you!
  11. VeronikaDd

    *JUNE 2019* INLAND Spousal Sponsorship

    Hello! Received my AOR over 2 weeks ago and still cant link the application.. i have tried every possible combination.. what could it be..?
  12. VeronikaDd


    Hello! I just received a file number on the application. How can i register it online so that i can receive all of the updates and massages from them online? And how long does it take approximately for work permit decision and for them to hopefully approve me for sponsor ? Thank you!
  13. VeronikaDd

    ****JUNE 2018 INLAND Application****

    Hello ! I have sent the package on 5th of June and it was received the next day. I haven't received any file number yet.. how long does it take approximately? Thank you
  14. VeronikaDd

    Please help!!

    Hello! So i have payed on two receipts ones 1195$ and on another one 100$ .. so i i am thinking that they didnt pay attention the the main one and just sow the one with the 100$?also on the additional family application i have put step. Children for my husband who i am. Sponsoring my two...
  15. VeronikaDd

    Please help!!

    Hello! I just got back the package for sponsorship on my husband inside canada of two highlights 1st says "unsufficient proccesing fees" under the application for work permit and i dont know why i have sent two payment receipts first with 1195 $for sponsorship and permanent residence right and...
  16. VeronikaDd

    Should we apply for extension ?

    What can happen if i dont and they return it for some reason or if they take more time to process the application ?
  17. VeronikaDd

    Should we apply for extension ?

    Hello! My husband is a visitor and he suppose to leave the country on mid june however, i have sent the documents for his sponsorship and they were delivered today to the cic office What should i do? Thank you!
  18. VeronikaDd

    Living in Canada proof of status

    Hello! My husband is with status visitor for 6 monts . On the application part "supporting documents for sponsored person" question 1st identity documents travel documents and passport -i will put the copy of his passport but on next part "if you(the principal applicant ) are living in canada...