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  1. honeywonder

    September AOR join here

    Hi all, Please add me to the Whatsapp group. Thanks.
  2. honeywonder

    September AOR join here

    Hi All, I just got my AOR today. My earlier application was rejected due to a mistake as to qualifications which significantly reduced my CRS points. Does anyone know if the processing times for this new application will be improved due to the fact that the background check and medicals had been...
  3. honeywonder

    Background Checks -EXPLAINED >>>

    This is likely the same situation with me. It was Not Applicable but has changed to "Your Application is in Progress, the next step is conduct a background check" What does this mean?
  4. honeywonder

    AOR in February 2017 - Connect Here!

    Still awaiting a response. Please help
  5. honeywonder

    Errors in submitted eAPR

    Do I need to suggest withdrawing my application in my CSE?
  6. honeywonder

    Errors in submitted eAPR

    Many thanks for your answer. 1. CRS Score with Masters is 441 with PhD is 460 2. I received ITA January 12th, AoR 9th February. 3. Yes, its definitely higher.
  7. honeywonder

    AOR in February 2017 - Connect Here!

    Hi All, I have a challenge with my eAPR. AoR was received on 9th February, however today 9 the March, exactly a month after I discovered an honest mistake in my EE profile, as I chose pH.d instead of masters degree under the section where they ask what the ECA states. Although I picked Masters...
  8. honeywonder

    Please help me,is it misrepresentation?I feel very sad now.

    Hi , please, how did you inform CiC of your situation. I am in a similar but more complicated situation. I mistakenly clicked PH.D in my profile rather than a masters. That was a honest mistake and I only discovered it today. Apparently, I got additional scores as a result and I have even...
  9. honeywonder

    Errors in submitted eAPR

    Dear All, I need urgent help. I just discovered there was a mistake in my express entry profile. And I only discovered this today 9th March, 20177. I mistakenly picked PH. D instead of a Masters and apparently got more scores upon which an ITA has been issuer and I have even submitted an eAPR...
  10. honeywonder


    Hi People, does anyone know the current status of the delays experienced with the Accra VO. Are things moving faster now? For people who have had their cases (files) transferred has there been any traction in this regard? I know I have not been waiting for long but I'm just 1. Curious 2.trying...
  11. honeywonder

    contradictory personal information

    I doubt that it would cause a rejection of your application. Is that mistake in your express entry profile? If yes, you can correct any mistakes therein by updating your profile. This can be done anytime before an ITA is received. You may also want to ensure that the change does not bring your...
  12. honeywonder


    Hello House, I'm relatively new here as well. I submitted my eAPR on9th February, 2017. So far, I have gotten no updates except for 2 ghost emails. Is this normal? Second is there anyone who has landed in Airdrie, Alberta? I intend to land there but have a few questions regarding housing and...
  13. honeywonder


    Hi Matthew, most of the information you need can be found on the CIC website. The first steps include getting your ECA assessment and writing IELTS. If you had your university education in Nigeria you might want to start your credentials assessment process first and then register for IELTS once...
  14. honeywonder

    Regarding NCA Assessment by CIC for Law students and legal practitioners

    Hi, have you gotten the information required?Sadly, I would think you would still need to get an ECA assessment. In my case I got an ECA Assessment first, registered for express entry, got an ITA and submitted my eeAPR. I only just started considering getting an NCA assessment.