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  1. steaky

    RO not meet

    Up to them. Same thing.
  2. steaky

    Moving to Canada

    Try to get your child a TRP
  3. steaky

    Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship 2018

    Yes, for both questions.
  4. steaky

    PR card renewal now 299 days..

    Certainly not every company adapted to the disaster. Some out of business. Others suspend their business (like Qantas extend its suspension of most international flights to March 2021).
  5. steaky

    opportunity for indian dentist

    You belong to India? That means you need India permission for release your freedom to move to Canada?
  6. steaky

    Canadian border closure

    I thought americans can still go through the border (using going to Alaska as loophole) and stopping on the way! Also, the meetup at the Peace Arch Park between the WA/BC border.
  7. steaky

    My mother's visit from Pakistan

    What happen to your 2018 parental sponsorship? It's not yet completed?
  8. steaky

    PR Expiry Because of Residency Obligation

    No permission is needed to go abroad. You just make sure you can return.
  9. steaky

    Refusal of Visitor Record Extension

    Go back home!
  10. steaky

    Super Visa

    Renew passport
  11. steaky

    My wife is pregnant and I'd like the babies delivery in Canada

    No conversion to PR from visitor's visa. You will have to be in Canada to sponsor her.
  12. steaky

    Best bank and/or telephone provider + platform?

    Every bank is different. You can look at RBC to get some idea:
  13. steaky

    Overnight transit through Canadian airport

    I don't know about lounges but duty free shops definitely opened at least in YVR airport.
  14. steaky

    Overnight transit through Canadian airport

    The longest time I spent in those lounges was 5-6 hours but never overnight. That said, during night time, I saw many passengers occupied several seats, laid down and slept. On the next day, you can do your shopping and go to the lounge (for shower, meal, etc.) Sometimes the flight was 1-2...
  15. steaky

    Overnight transit through Canadian airport

    Btw, have you explored the airports YUL / YYZ whether they have paying lounges? Usually, travelers can go there for meals, massage, sleep and shower. Is there other reason why you need to spend a hotel in the city? Also, many airports I traveled have shopping places (such as duty free shops...
  16. steaky

    Married before landing

    Just that the landed person cannot sponsor the spouse to come to Canada for immigration.
  17. steaky

    Best bank and/or telephone provider + platform?

    1) If you maintain little amount of money in the bank account, in the long run, best to get an online bank account (such as Simpllii, Tangerine) which would not charge monthly fee.
  18. steaky

    I have my CoPR, but nowhere is accepting it.

    Perhaps there were issue of the existing ones or they do not have your pictures?
  19. steaky

    filing income tax late

    Sure, late is better than not!
  20. steaky

    Condo or Mobile Home - First time home buyer

    Buying a condo is like rolling dice. You never know the market value until you actually sell it.