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    Moving to Canada

    Hi 1, Whoever told you that "once my kids touch canadian land, they automatically become canadians" is wrong. 2. If you received your citizenship through birth or naturalization, not descent, and you were a Canadian citizen at the time of your children's birth, they are Canadian citizens...
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    Canada PR to go to US to study

    Hi 1. I disagree, there will be a problem with quarantine on both sides of the border.
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    Residency Requirement-Covid19

    Hi 1. Pointless, CIC doesn't give extensions. 2 out of 5 years is pretty generous IMHO.
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    TRV for student mother help

    Hi 1. Explanation letter, but the chances of a TRV are not very good these days, accompany an adult or near adult is probably not an essential travel.
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    Visitor Visa to open work permit

    Hi 1. No stamp, she was admitted for 6 months, not as long as her TRV is valid for.
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    Travel to USA from Canada and enter Canada back with PGWP

    Hi 1. Actually the OP wouldn't require a TRV to re=enter from the US. If s/he had a valid work permit or study permit, and only entered the US or St. Pierre et Miquelon could return to Canada without a TRV. 2. In normal times, but now all though it would be lawful, it is quite likely the...
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    Gettin New SIN Number

    Hi 1, No
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    PR card renewal now 299 days..

    Hi 1. The poster is probably referring to giving citizenship by descent to children of surrogates where there is no genetic connection to the citizen parents.
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    Left Canada when a minor

    Hi 1. CIC is not going to tell you what to do. It is your decision.
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    Italian birth certificate multi-lingual

    Hi 1. To save yourself possible complications, just get it translated.
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    IELTS Exam

    HI 1. This not the official CIC site, which is
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    How to Renew Super Visa

    Hi 1. You extend her stay:
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    COVID delays oath ceremony

    Hi 1/ It appears that the only virtual ceremonies are for some of those whose Oath date was cancelled. I assume you weren't given an Oath date.
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    Estimated Processing time has passed

    HI 1. Visitor visas are not exactly a priority these days.
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    Parent GrandParent PR Sponsorship Application - Change in family circumstance due to death of the dependent

    HI 1. Inform the processing office of the death of your father, the application will continue to be processed with your mother as the principal applicant. 2. Yes. 3. No, she could flag pole when US/Canada border re-opens.
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    Application for PR Card and SIN after landing in 2018

    Hi 1. They stopped issuing cards in Mar/2014
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    Indian Passport Renewal Query.

    HI 1. You must be living somewhere. 2. Driver's license, rental agreement.
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    HELP! what should i do now

    Hi 1. Immaterial if the courts deny the divorce. Some people separate and never file for divorce. 2. If the couple reconcile, the sponsor is no longer in a C/law relationship and the application is over.\ 3. I know you next question is going to be "what happens if common/law spouse...