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    it may not be trinidad... most countries have a place where applicants go to conduct the interviews. dominicans go to santo domingo in the dominican, etc
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    Interviews arent mandatory but are pretty common. Right now people are waiting about two years... it will take quite some time as they are working on very little staff (mexico is getting hit hard with covid) and they will then need to clear the backlog. Be prepared to wait
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    Do i mention maternity leave income and child benefit on the forms?

    your income right now is maternity leave and that is what you should report. you can say that you are on mat leave, but here is my income for when i finish mat leave. CCB is not considered income and doesnt need to be reported
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    They look at the application up till the time you applied. SHOULD they have questions they will request things. Its quite clear in the directions to only send what they ask
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    dont send anything unless they ask for anything or something has drastically changed such as a pregnancy... they state 20 pictures that is all they need
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    Shared Custody question

    Im not sure which country this pa is from but my husband is dominican and didnt need custody agreements or papers changed to bring his son
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    Absolutely agree
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    Its interesting you say this. When we applied for my husbands trv we wrote we were friends (starting to evolve into a relationship) then and he was approved immediately. We had no interview and no requests for addition info about our relationship or timelines
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    I would have to disagree with this. Unfortunately they dont often think the way we do about getting family together. How are you certain the app process is close to the end? People here are waiting almost 2 years if not more and are “close to the end” for their pr apps to be approved... it may...
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    Applying doesnt mean they will be approved. As someone mentioned, approval rate is very low
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    Inland Sponsorship covid problems (figured out)

    If you apply for an extension on your trv and its still valid you will have implied status while waiting on an answer which should be long enough to wait for the certificate.
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    It means theyre doing the background and security check. This could take MONTHS. And i mean MONTHS. Not really indicative of anything
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    Im so sorry for your loss. I hope that she has family there to support her and that you have some people here to support you and get you both through this difficult time. Wishing much strength for you both
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    Inland Spousal: Police Certificate Complexities!

    I would get them just in case... i also would air on the side of caution with planning any travel right now. No one knows when any restrictions will be lifted due to covid19. I also caution “moving here” as you would be a visitor. If you come with all your stuff, you may have some issues at the...
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    Jamaican boyfriend coming to Canada

    I wouldnt make any travel plans to be honest and i wouldnt bank on getting any legal services such as marriage done any time soon due to covid19 Spousal visas are taking a year or more to process though i suspect it will take much longer as they clear out the back log later this year from the...
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    Mississauga outland application processing delays

    The due date has no meaning really. I wouldnt pay much mind to that. COVID19 is definitey slowing things down
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    Probably not. Some from 2018 are still waiting. Everything is basically at a stand still right now due to COVID19
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    An application has absolutely no bearing on status. IF you applied INLAND with an OWP then he could have implied status until OWP is received however visitor visas allow a 6 month entry period max. If those 6 months have passed, an extension will need to be applied for. One year is just a ball...
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    Proof of Relationship to Sponsor

    Bills - cell phones, work insurance, beneficiary is her for rrsp , life insurance etc
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    Is OHIP delayed for PR's dure to Covid?

    The three month wait was waived... centers are closed but you may be able to get info online