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    Express Entry Profile - Overall Score: 0

    private message works
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    Canadian Visa expires before workpermit does.

    You can stay legally till June 2021. Your status is determined by your work permit, not the visa. However, if you leave the country after Feb 2021, you will need a new visa to fly back. As long as you don't leave, you can stay till June.
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    Situation with IRCC. Please respond.

    Yes, if something in his initial medical test didn't look normal, IRCC can ask for further tests to be done. Assuming this is real, of course.
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    My boss is threatening me that he can have my pr status revoke

    If you have a PR card, you don't have to care about his threats. He cannot do anything. If you are worried by his threats, you can report this to the police in Canada. Don't be afraid to go to the cops.
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    Can we Apply for PR as International Student

    If you meet the criteria, you can apply at any time.
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    Express Entry Profile - Overall Score: 0

    Yeah, this will be the best thing to do so we can help. You're probably picking an incorrect option somewhere. Just post screenshots of every single page (blur out your name, IELTS and ECA numbers, and any other personal information) and it would be much easier to figure out what's happening.
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    QUERY : LOCATION Condition on a Closed Work Permit with location

    Yes, you are. The officer was satisfied that you followed the strict condition on your old work permit, and has therefore granted you a little more flexibility. You can go work at different locations, but only for the same company, job etc. So if your company has offices in multiple cities, you...
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    SOWP rejected at port of entry and ban from reapplying for 6months

    I see that you've started studying immigration law. All this and more will be explained in your course. In general, though, the answer is that yes, there is some amount of discretion that is available to IRCC. You should also read up on "liability", and the different standards of liability...
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    Is work permit required?

    I'm not an expert on cross-border taxation so I can't really say for sure. You need to check with your company. I do know that you have to make sure your company doesn't end up reporting you to the CRA as if you were authorized to work in Canada, but just happen to be abroad. Think of the...
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    SOWP rejected at port of entry and ban from reapplying for 6months

    Inadmissibility has a specific meaning under the IRPA (the law governing immigration). Read Section 33-42. The 6-month ban makes him inadmissible for 6 months under S.41, but that's only for six months. After six months, he...
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    Misrepresentation+5 Years inadmissibility

    No idea. There's really no pattern that will tell you anything here. You'll only know for sure when you get the approval or the Procedural Fairness Letter.
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    My current marital status is single or divorced?

    You're single.
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    Do I need to change my address when I move?

    Nope. Not with IRCC at any rate - you should update your address with CRA. Immigration doesn't care about your address anymore, but the taxman likes to know where you are.
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    Adding newborn without passport to PR application

    You will need the passport. IRCC will extend the deadline if you ask them. Wait till around July 17 (4-5 business days before the 23rd), and if you don't have the passport by then, use the webform to ask for an extension. Make sure to upload some proof that you applied (a receipt will do), and...
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    Is work permit required?

    However - I just saw that you're getting paid in Canada. If your employer is reporting you as a local employee to CRA, that will cause issues for them and you. They should NOT be under the impression that you are authorized to work in Canada - if they use your SIN number, that will be cause...
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    Misrepresentation+5 Years inadmissibility

    Yeah, there's no possibility of misrepresentation here.
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    Misrepresentation+5 Years inadmissibility

    Your chances may be good, but I assume that you're including your wife in the application, right? So they will look at the application as a whole, and if they feel you committed misrepresentation, they will ask you to explain. If you are asked about it (and remember, you may not be), I would...
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    Is work permit required?

    You won't find such a link for the reason stated above. Canadian immigration doesn't care about foreign nationals working in other countries. In terms of impact to payroll etc, that can raise tax questions - your employer needs to make sure they are in compliance with Canadian law, and you...
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    Misrepresentation+5 Years inadmissibility

    Did you work in Canada from 2013-2015, or was this job outside Canada? If the job was outside Canada, then no, it won't be misrepresentation. I assume the 2015 application was simply for a visitor visa, so your NOC code really had nothing to do with that application.