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    Study permit form 2018

    Right click on the shortcut/link of the application and choose "save as" without trying to open it.
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    after refusal ,study permit visa approved after reapply, need help in baby visa

    Congratulations on your new born. I assume you are applying from Tunisia? If that is the case, you would need to apply for a TRV for your daughter (visa stamp in your daughter's passport). All you would need to show is your approved permits and perhaps a letter of explanation. This should be...
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    Jobs in Regina / Saskatchewan (HELP!!)

    That's true, not all courses are offered during the Spring/Summer session(s) so you may want to check ahead of time. Schools usually issue an annual schedule of courses at the start of the school year and post it on their website so you may want to check that and plan accordingly. Good luck!
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    Seeking room and roommate in Kamloops

    Look on Also your school should have some accessible resources for alternative student accommodation if you don't plan on staying at the dorms. Good luck!
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    Jobs in Regina / Saskatchewan (HELP!!)

    Yes you can move anywhere you want within Canada after graduating school, however, please bear in mind that if you plan on applying for permanent residency in the future, you would need to know the rules of the province you will be moving to. Rules keep changing all the time so is...
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    Finding roommate and housing

    Look on kijiji dot ca. Good luck!
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    University of Saskatchewan - admission

    This sounds like a conditional approval. If so, it means you have been accepted into a program but with conditions. Could be that you have to meet a certain English Language level or some other type of condition(s). Hope this helps. Good luck!
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    Syrian wanting a study permit?

    Hi there, I would recommend you visit the following link to familiarize yourself with the review process of your application...
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    Syrian wanting a study permit?

    Hi there, I am not a Syrian but IMHO I think you will be fine. You have been to the UK as a student, graduated from there and returned to the UAE after your studies which a solid proof of being a genuine student. The Canadian Embassy in Abu Dhabi is well aware of the situation in Syria so...
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    College Fees Payment - Wire Transfer

    ' When you go to the bank to initiate the wire transfer, they will give you the form to complete the information which will include: Sender's Name: XXXX Sender's Address, phone number: XXX ...etc Then it will ask for the beneficiary's information which is your College's banking details...
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    June 2018 - Citizenship Applications

    How did you request urgent processing?
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    Anyone has complicated situation like me? Also, want to become CPA in Canada?

    Or alternatively, you could go back to your home country and work legally and gain the required experience at which time you could then apply for Express Entry assuming they don't change the laws. Only downside if you choose that route is you will jeopardize your chance of living in the US...
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    Anyone has complicated situation like me? Also, want to become CPA in Canada?

    Unfortunately, you will have to apply for a study permit from your home country. If I were you, I would give it a try and see what happens. You will only be losing the application fee which I don't think is a big deal. Good luck!
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    Jobs for new PR in Charlottetown, PEI

    What industry?
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    On a work permit, can my spouse and kids also travel with me

    1- Yes you can bring your wife and kids along. They will be on something called a visitor's record if you are under an approved NOC. 2- Yes, she can apply for an open work permit if your job is classified under an approved NOC. 3- Yes your kids can study in Canada. Depending on their age, they...
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    PGWP Application Urgent!

    You should be fine. Good luck!
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    PGWP questions

    What is the validity of your passport?
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    Two years post graduate program and PGWP

    Based on three study terms and one coop you will be eligible to apply for a three yer work permit upon graduation. Good luck.
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    Express Entry Refusal (CEC)

    +1 Please provide more details.