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  1. xylene

    Passport references question

    I think you can as they are not listed. Both references can be living in the same address.
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    Passport Application - Question 4b

    Certificate of citizenship is what you should choose.
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    Citizenship Test and Interview Advice?

    1. 2 to 3 questions. Mostly pretty straight forward. Like which party is governing the province you are living, or who the premier is. Or who the leader is for one of the major federal party etc 2. They could ask about the many travels you had. Or any clarification they need. Yes english...
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    Soft Landing for PR

    1)no 2) no 3) no
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    No Canadian Passport while Surrendering Indian Passport

    If you can wait for a week or 2 to get the canadian passport, you can get out of this confusion.
  6. xylene

    OCI For New Born Kid In canada

    This should help you answer any questions : read it : Also this :
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    Planning to move in Canada

    There are no jobs in this forum. You could go to and look to immigrate.
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    No you are good. The officer trusts you that you have enough money to sustain yourself/family during your stay here. Hence she did not ask for proof.
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    You may want to try the PNP threads to get an answer for this. Try improving your IELTS score.
  10. xylene

    Paying a pro to write resume/Cover letter

    SEEN by indeed would do this free of charge for you. Having said that I would say networking works best than trying to beat an ATS reader. Reach out to recruiters, keep adding them to your network on linkedin. You are in the marketing and advertisement field, market yourself and use some of the...
  11. xylene

    Job hunt strategy - what worked for you?

    IT, business analysis, data analysis work doesn't require any Canadian experience. You should look for available jobs on LinkedIn and reach out to recruiters. That will give you many leads. Keep in mind that Canadian employers are laid back in hiring especially for full time employees. So if...
  12. xylene

    Entry Visa at BLS Toronto

    I've availed the pick and drop service with BLS, it is expensive, but worth it if time is more important to you. You can call their number and they would tell you what is required (forms, drafts) and charge your credit card for the postal cost. You can complete the required documents/photo and...
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    Citizenship application - How do we know? You also get an email
  14. xylene

    Beware of SCAMS to get a job in Canada!

    Did they send you a cheque right after an interview? Did you do any work for them? Else it sound alike a scam. Do not deposit the cheque. Wait for a few days and if they ask you send the money back (as it was an error from their end) ask them to cancel the etransfer. This could be a phishing...
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    Job opportunities in canada

    Have you researched for this job on websites such as Workopolis, indeed, Linkedin etc? That would be your first step. Once you find a posting, check for min education qualifications.
  16. xylene

    get a survival job with advanced degrees

    I do not agree to this comment. Paying tax is part of living in a society. You pay taxes which are used for healthcare (which you may/maynot use), to build roads/airports (which you may/may not use), pay for defense (even if you do not agree if Canada sends troops to support a war that you do...
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    get a survival job with advanced degrees

    So in these 7 years you have been trying to get a job/parttime?
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    get a survival job with advanced degrees

    How long have you been in Canada?
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    Pros and cons of having 2nd Child in canada?

    If the idea is to get your child Canadian citizenship then it's a different discussion but I can highlight one disadvantage. Family support : it's always good to have family around with the birth of a new child. Having said that you can still manage without any support as millions of immigrants...
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    1. it is a choice you have to make. Is it viable yes, but would you want to upset your current comfortable life? You will need to find an answer 2. No one is checking age for the job postings. But yes just because you have 25-30 years of experience is not going to help either. You shouldbe ready...